By initially constructing streamlined components off-site, BUILD IT’s modular construction services can significantly reduce the time and cost of many projects, often allowing us to complete builds in nearly half the time without compromising an inch on quality. You’ll get the same exceptionally finished product completed at a fraction of the cost, while still allowing for limitless design possibilities.  

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What is modular construction? 

To put it simply, modular construction is the process of building sections of a structure in a remote location before transporting and installing them where they’re supposed to go. Think of these modules as highly sophisticated building blocks that, thanks to a streamlined factory-style production process, can drastically reduce the time schedule and final cost of your project.

Because modular construction services are happening off-site, our BUILD IT teams can simultaneously complete foundation + site work while the actual building is happening. Modular construction also eliminates the risk of weather delays and helps to reduce the overall volume of materials and waste. The end result is a much faster and risk-mitigated project scope that, in the end, is indistinguishable from a building constructed on-site.

Why modular construction is ideal for brands.

Smart companies demand strict adherence to their brand guidelines, and modular construction is inherently designed to achieve this kind of uniformity. This is especially useful for franchised retail and restaurant brands that need to maintain the same high standards across several different locations. Modular construction can also be used to quickly replicate and evolve new builds since we already have the blueprint. Most importantly, the expedited construction process allows our clients to open for business sooner, providing a much faster return on investment.

Modular construction vs. prefabrication – what’s the difference?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the popular term “prefab” thrown around before, which is short for prefabrication – and for all intents and purposes, this represents the same concept as modular construction. The term “off-site construction” is similarly used as an interchangeable name, although there are certainly some technical distinctions. For example, some elements of modular construction can and do happen on the build site – to say nothing of the final installation. The true meaning of “modular” refers to the repeated sections or “modules” that all work together to form a final build.

Debunking the modular myth.

Despite faster build times and reduced costs, BUILD IT’s modular construction services adhere to the same – and often higher – architectural standards as a more traditionally conceived structure. We use the same rigorously tested materials as you’d see on a traditional job site, and they’re even better protected from natural elements like moisture thanks to our controlled environment. In some cases, we can even repurpose certain components of previous modular builds for future designs, further reducing material cost and waste.

There’s also a misconception out there that modular construction is restrictive to “cookie-cutter” designs – when in reality, modular construction is extremely versatile in execution. BUILD IT can utilize modular construction services to bring almost any custom vision to life.

Pros and Cons of Modular Construction