Temperature-controlled storage and shipping facilities are a massively important part of our food supply chains – and they must be built with very specific standards in mind. BUILD IT can help your company engineer, design, and construct a cold storage facility for frozen or refrigerated goods that ensures your distribution operation is professionally equipped and ready for growth.

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Building a successful cold storage facility

The number one priority is constant, predictable temperature control. The placement of your HVAC systems, cooling components, pipes, ducts, and backup systems will all play a crucial role in the overall design of your cold storage construction project – and your approach will all depend on what temperature you need to achieve. A few degrees can make a big difference in the overall design strategy.

Insulation is an important consideration for any construction project – but it becomes especially critical in cold storage design projects. The amount, style, and placement of insulation in your factory will all depend on how big and what materials your building is made of. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are often used in cold storage design for their thermal properties, which provide a vapor-tight barrier. You’ll also need to pay attention to the same kind of insulation requirements by your loading dock and doors, in order to reduce the transfer of heat and prevent moisture from entering the cold storage facility.

Creating a clean & safe environment.

Since most of these facilities are used for food operations, creating a sanitary and easy-to-clean environment is imperative – and moisture is one of the biggest enemies of a cold storage design. When moisture gets into a space, the risk of bacteria increases, which becomes a huge safety + inventory risk for food supply operations. Making sure that every surface, trim, and fixture is properly treated + sealed will ensure that air quality remains optimal and your inventory isn’t put at risk. 

Choosing the right flooring for your cold storage facility.

Given the fact that they’ll have to withstand heavy loads, machinery and forklifts in harsh temperatures, you’ll want to pay special attention to the floors in your cold storage facility. Without the right installation measures, floors can crack and curl, or worse yet, compromise the insulation of your facility. Believe it or not, heated flooring can actually have significant benefits in cold storage design because it helps to reduce moisture after cleanings and daily operations.

Improving energy efficiency & reducing operation costs.

Obviously, cold storage facilities require a lot of energy to effectively operate – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to create a sustainable environment. By using things like sensor-controlled lighting, green energy sources and (most importantly) highly effective insulation materials, you can drastically reduce the energy consumption of your cold storage facility – and reduce your operating expenses at the same time.

BUILD IT will help you create a successful cold storage design.

From initial site evaluation to design, construction and cooling system installation, our integrated team of in-house experts at BUILD IT can help you create an optimal cold storage facility that is safe, efficient, and designed for long-term growth.

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