Pharmaceutical plants are sophisticated production environments that require an extremely high degree of functional, structural, and regulatory planning. Not that long ago, these facilities could easily require five or more years to construct due to the specialized nature of their single-use equipment and processes – but modern advancements in production technology have made it easier (and safer) than ever to build a scalable operation. Our team of pharmaceutical construction experts at BUILD IT can help you navigate every step of the process – from site evaluation to space planning and final design builds for your ideal plant.

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Making the most of your pharmaceutical space.

When you’re designing for pharmaceutical plant construction, optimizing a smart layout and space planning strategy is critically important. This will obviously vary based on the scope and specialty of the medicines you’re manufacturing, as well as how your teams (and equipment) work together on the line. Pharmaceutical plants are often divided up into areas known as “manufacturing cells” which essentially describe the separate – but closely connected – workstations and machines that fuel your production line. Each cell is usually responsible for a different input and output, completing a specific task before moving downstream to the next cell. Obviously, understanding these interconnected processes and how – and where – they need to be laid out is a crucial part of the early planning phases. Our consulting, engineering, and design experts at BUILD IT can help you determine these positional placements so your teams can maximize productivity without sacrificing on the comfort or safety of your operation.

Planning for growth through long-term design.

Whether you’re an upstart pharmaceutical operation or already established as a major corporation, it’s important to create a scalable plant design that’s positioned for long-term growth. As we’ve recently witnessed, the approval of a new drug or vaccine can quickly and exponentially expand the scope of your operation – so designing specifically for immediate needs is one of the worst mistakes you can make. As best you can, try to plan with this possibility in mind, imagining what kind of additional space, equipment, and production capabilities you would require if your operation were to experience serious growth in the near-future.  

Modular building techniques for pharmaceutical construction.

At BUILD IT, we often encourage our pharmaceutical plant clients to explore modular construction as a build-out option due to the complex nature of plant design. During these modular, off-site, and “pre-fab” approaches, we’re actually able to construct critical components in a controlled environment away from the construction site while early-stage work begins in parallel at the final location. This approach helps to expedite the construction process and usually reduces the final budget since we’re able to mitigate risks such as weather delays and public interruptions.

Creating an energy-efficient pharmaceutical plant.

Pharmaceutical plants are often heavy consumers of energy – which not only puts a strain on the environment, but also your operating expenses. BUILD IT can help you explore energy-efficient innovations and green-certified building materials to lower the carbon footprint of your pharmaceutical construction project and save your business money in the process.

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