BUILD IT offers start-to-finish project management services for all our clients. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact who can coordinate all phases, teams, maintenance and material planning while working closely with our in-house contracting teams to ensure success for all stakeholders involved in the project.  

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What is construction project management?

Construction project management, commonly referred to as “CPM”, is a critical role responsible for keeping all aspects of a project on-track and on-budget. Think of them as your point-person, like an air traffic controller who directs all the moving pieces from initial planning to on-site logistics. Though you might not see your project managers wearing a hard hat, there’s a good chance they have a background of related experience in fields such as architecture or civil engineering

With so many different responsibilities that vary on a job-by-job basis, it’s difficult to define an exact list of what project management services involve – but their primary focus tends to fall into four buckets; schedule, delivery, budget and quality assurance.

The common stages of construction project management

1) Feasibility + Design

Before any physical builds can begin, our project managers lead feasibility studies to understand the goals and challenges that may arise based on the proposed building and its intended uses. Once a plan is in place, we create schematic design sketches and floor plans, working to define things like square footage, materials, colours, structural considerations and more before preparing official contract documents.

2) Pre-construction

Once we’ve got the official green-light to begin work, our project management services are put into action. We begin with site investigations to inspect and assess the building environment, giving special consideration to elements like soil condition, environmental impact, and historical integrity. We also nail down the project delivery timelines that need to be met throughout each phase of work.

3) Procurement

At this point, a project manager would typically open up bidding to different contractors interested in the job – but at BUILD IT, we’re able to coordinate most, if not all, of those responsibilities internally. This is also the stage in which we begin to secure all the necessary materials and equipment for the job, establishing purchase orders with any suppliers or third parties that will become involved in the project.

4) Delivery

Once our construction project management team has finished setting the stage, we start building. Each project is assigned a superintendent who stays in close communication with your project manager, creating a direct line of contact between client and job site. Since everyone is on the same team here at BUILD IT, we’re able to quickly identify, communicate, and solve challenges should they arise during construction.  

BUILD IT simplifies project management for everyone. 

From initial site review and feasibility to the final cleaning and occupancy turnover, the project management services offered by BUILD IT will optimize every aspect of your build. They’ll serve as your single point of contact responsible for all building, maintenance and service needs, becoming the liaison between client and all our various teams of highly trained staff members in construction, service, and millwork.

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