Our job doesn’t finish once the building is ready for move-in – in fact, it’s just begun. Our BUILD IT team provides ongoing facility maintenance support to industrial, commercial, and institutional clients to ensure the long-term quality and operational efficiency of our clients’ buildings. From cleaning to equipment repairs and preventative measures, Build It will work closely with your team members to keep your space and infrastructural assets in exceptional shape.

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What is facility maintenance?

Facility maintenance, often referred to as “FM”, is pretty much what it sounds like: the professional discipline of continuously monitoring, planning, and executing ongoing facility maintenance services to ensure the integrity of a built environment, its staff, and the functions they’re designed to meet.

With so many of our clients operating in the spaces of retail and hospitality, facility maintenance becomes that much more important – as seemingly small problems can lead to significant losses in revenue. Thankfully, our BUILD IT team knows how to implement the right systems and preventative processes to mitigate risk and address potential problems before they happen.  

The two sides of facility management

Facility management services are often divided into two high-level categories. The first (and perhaps more obvious of the two) is physical infrastructure, which pertains to the upkeep and cleaning of spaces such as rooms, rooftops, hallways, parking lots, etc. Of course, this also speaks to the maintenance of functional assets in a building, including things like equipment, HVAC, factory systems, machinery, and many other elements that require ongoing service. This side of facility management is sometimes referred to as “hard FM” since it’s all about physical objects.

The other equally important but sometimes less considered category of facility management services is all about the people and organizational structures that keep things running smoothly – known as “soft FM”. This can range in scope from a fairly basic cleaning staff to much bigger operations that comprise several departments like catering, human resources, and IT. As specialists in the hospitality sector, BUILD IT has extensive experience coordinating both sides of the maintenance equation, collaborating with all key team members to understand needs and ensure success.

Preventative vs. corrective maintenance

Another way to look at physical facility management services is by breaking them down into the categories of “predictive maintenance” and “corrective maintenance”. As the names suggest, predictive maintenance is all about scheduling ongoing service checks, inspections, and repairs so that you stop problems before they arise. These duties are often undertaken by a facility manager, who oversees and delegates tasks to their maintenance employees while scheduling ongoing repairs and regular testing of safety systems like fire alarms.

But even with extremely prudent planning, unexpected problems tend to arise – and that’s when “corrective maintenance” comes into play. When a technician spots a problem, they work to fix it as efficiently as possible in the hopes of minimizing downtime (at which point, we move into “breakdown” or “emergency” maintenance mode). Our BUILD IT teams work very hard to implement systems that keep our clients from getting to these latter stages, especially in commercial settings where just a single day of operational shutdown can have significant financial repercussions.

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