Dentistry is a hugely important public health service, and an industry that requires special expertise in terms of building construction and renovation projects. BUILD IT can help you identify the perfect location, design, safety considerations, and medical equipment integration plan to create a safe and comfortable environment that puts your patients at ease.  

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Tips for professional dental office construction.

For many people, the dentist office can be a very daunting place – so it’s important to factor in comforting guest elements into your design system. It often starts with the reception area. Selecting comfortable furniture, colour palettes, and calming features such as fireplaces can go a long way in helping patients relax as they arrive and wait for their appointment. This same patient-first design approach should carry over into the actual treatment areas as well. Spacious operatory rooms with lots of natural light can help put patients at ease, and give your staff the space they need to treat patients effectively.

Incorporating dental equipment into your design.

Another one of the most important considerations for dental office construction is planning for the placement and operation of large-scale dental equipment, x-ray rooms, and surgical devices. Ensuring the correct power supplies, ventilation, and back-up systems is of paramount importance, so we’ll spend plenty of energy organizing thorough floor plans and structural features to accommodate each component. We can also explore energy-efficient opportunities to make your business more eco-conscious and help reduce your hydro bill.

Choosing the right location for your dental office

It goes without saying, but location is another very important factor when planning for dental office construction and renovation – especially if you are hoping to attract a large number of walk-in clients. If you’re situated in a high-density or metropolitan area, access to public transit is a definite advantage; elsewhere, dedicated or shared parking lots might be a bigger priority.

It’s common for dental offices to be co-located inside multi-use business towers, but our BUILD IT team is also capable of creating your own dedicated location from the ground up. If you’re a newer business, it might be more cost-effective to choose a location in a shared building – so long as it has enough space to accommodate for short-term growth plans. But at the same time, we can find affordable methods to create a brand new space thanks to BUILD IT’s wide-ranging roster of in-house specialists, allowing us to complete every aspect of the project from interior design to millwork and on-site construction.

Choosing the right location ultimately depends on the size and specialty of your operation – and we’ll help you through every step of the site evaluation process to find and develop the ideal spot.

Prioritizing safety in your dental office.

More than ever before, it’s critical that dentist office construction and dentist office renovation projects implement the necessary safety and sanitation protocols to protect your patients and staff. BUILD IT can help design your location to accommodate for things like social distancing and increased sanitization + cleaning procedures in the wake of COVID-19.

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