With decades of experience constructing commercial office spaces for major companies, our BUILD IT team knows exactly how to create an environment that sets a successful tone. We’ll work together to understand how your team interacts with each other, what kind of attitude you want to project to clients, and what kind of special touches we can add to make it a place you’re proud to call your office.  

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The BUILD IT approach to commercial office construction.

Before any commercial office construction or commercial office renovation project begins, it’s really important that we understand exactly how you work. At BUILD IT, we begin by holding a discovery session with your key stakeholders to better understand your business, people, and objectives. How big is your team? What different departments make up your company, and how do they interact with one another? What kind of collaborative styles will be most conducive to your team’s performance? These are the kind of considerations that will inform our design concepts, so we can land on a work-enabled environment that feels like a natural extension of your team and mission.

Creating environments that inspire great work.

It’s not enough to just have an office that looks amazing; it needs to be functionally aligned to the way your teams work. Would your team benefit from the transparent and highly collaborative nature of an open-space office, or is it better suited to the privacy of modern cubicles and individualized offices? What kind of meetings and presentations fuel your business, and how can we best accommodate them in a boardroom setting? We can also help you design breakout rooms, common spaces, staff kitchens, recreation rooms, and any other commercial office construction concept that will support your teams.

Designing offices that make a great first impression.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the look and feel of your office space can make or break the interest of a prospective client or hire walking into your business for the first time. BUILD IT can help you conceptualize an attention-grabbing main entrance and exterior that welcomes guests inside, instantly setting a successful tone of professionalism via smart design. Whether you’re a five-person startup or an established corporation with hundreds of employees, you want a space that projects your company’s values and attitude.

Creating an office space your employees will love.

Nobody wants to go into a dreary, boring corporate office every day. Your workspace should inspire success, and we make it happen by looking at every design decision through the lens of your employees. How can we improve the little moments in their workday through team-friendly design? Considerations like natural light, soundproofing & acoustics, eco-friendly materials and fixtures are a great place to start. Depending on your business, you might want to take it even further. How about an office bar, arcade room, fitness studio, or even a slide? Our commercial office construction team can handle just about any concept – so long as it fits with the needs of your team.

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