The creative standards for pharmacy construction design have undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years. Stepping away from their traditional department store model, pharmacies are embracing a more patient-centric approach, focusing on wellness and personalized service over massive inventories and bulky product displays. Our BUILD IT team has plenty of experience in this industry, and we’ll happily guide you through every step of the pharmacy design build process.

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How pharmacy brands are evolving their customer experience.

Until recently, pharmacy construction strategies were traditionally modeled after large department stores that carry a massive inventory of everything from cosmetics and personal care items to vitamins, first aid and toiletries. This “one-stop-shop” mentality has since decreased in popularity in favour of more carefully-curated specialty stores that meet the unique demands of modern consumers. This also makes room for much more personalized and meaningful customer interactions, aided by tech innovations like customer-controlled digital education screens and self-serve customer checkout.

Interior design for pharmacies.

As retail pharmacies move away from their methods of the past, their approach to décor and product display have undergone a lot of thoughtful planning as well. Instead of using harsh lighting and traditional metal shelves, modern retail pharmacies have adopted a more emotive approach, replacing these standards with naturally inspired fixtures that evoke feelings of wellbeing.

As is the case with any consumer-facing brand, your décor decisions should reflect the values and mission of your brand. Implementing natural materials such as wood, glass, or bamboo into product displays communicate an eco-conscious and health-oriented environment that customers can rely on and trust. Other integrations like natural lighting, in-store greenery and softer furnishings also give off a friendly and comfortable vibe that strongly contribute to modern pharmacy values.

BUILD IT constructed a home for Wellth Pharmacy 

One of BUILD IT’s recent pharmacy construction projects was for Wellth Pharmacy. This modern Toronto pharmacy and clinic caters to the re-imagined experience of health and wellness. Equipped with a state of the art compounding lab and private consultation rooms, Wellth Pharmacy provides open concept-labs with glass viewing stations that allow their patients the transparency and inclusiveness they deserve.

A lot of thought and planning has been put into transforming this former parking garage into a health-oriented retail space. With heavy insulation, soundproofing and high-end millwork, BUILD IT has transformed the space into a community-friendly health-hub that can accommodate educational seminars, workshops and private functions in addition to providing customizable healthcare. 

What you need to plan for pharmacy construction.

As with any other project, a successful pharmacy construction and pharmacy renovation build begins with a detailed plan. BUILD IT can help you with everything from site evaluation to engineering requirements and full service general contracting – and you’ll have a dedicated project manager who serves as your main point of contact throughout each phase. Get a quote today and we can start turning your ideal pharmacy into a reality, so you can help keep your communities healthy.

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