Commercial Construction Services

Whether you’re building a completely new business from the ground up or reimagining an existing brand to match your new vision, BUILD IT offers a fully integrated approach to commercial construction and commercial renovation services. We’ll work together to create a functionally sound, stand-out space that holds true to your business’s mission.

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What is commercial construction?

As the name implies, commercial construction and commercial renovation are all about building for businesses – something BUILD IT has done for hundreds of North America’s best brands. This includes any kind of space that will eventually be leased or sold in the private sector, including businesses like restaurants, retail stores, offices, medical, manufacturing centres and more. Over the last decade, BUILD IT has completed projects in many of these industry sectors, with a special expertise in branded restaurant and retail environments.

The BUILD IT approach to commercial construction

It begins with development planning. We’ll guide your business through site evaluation and planning, scheduling, risk mitigation strategies, and permit acquisition to ensure all the critical groundwork is laid. Next, we move into the design phase to understand what aesthetic values your company represents, and how they can match up with the functional requirements of your business. Once a plan is finalized, we’ll move into on-site construction led by our integrated team of builders, millworkers, and in-house specialists.

How to choose the right commercial construction company

Commercial construction and commercial renovation jobs can require significant investments – so it’s important you choose the right contractor to get the job done. One of the biggest evaluating factors should be your selected contractor’s in-house capabilities. In other words, how much of the job – from site evaluation to design and physical construction – will they be able to handle themselves, and how much of it will they need to subcontract to other experts? Without a full-service provider like BUILD IT, it’s not uncommon for clients to require dozens of different teams to get the job done. However, we’re able to streamline this process thanks to our wide-ranging team of in-house talent – which often leads to faster schedules, stronger teamwork, and more cost-efficiencies for our clients.

Another important consideration is the past experience and portfolio of completed jobs that match up to your business. Over the last decade, BUILD IT has delivered high quality environments for some of the biggest brands in North America, across several industry verticals including hospitality, retail, office, and medical.

Commercial construction vs. commercial renovation

Whether you’re launching a brand new business or retooling your existing operation, BUILD IT will help you design and construct a commercial environment that draws customers inside. Ideally, we’re brought in by clients during the early stages of planning so we can understand your brand’s values and visions – especially if you’re launching a new business. We often refer to these as “large scale” jobs, which are built from the ground up, literally and figuratively speaking.

Commercial renovation jobs, while often simpler in scope, are equally important to perfect since they hinge on a builder’s ability to reconfigure existing spaces and align with brand-specific design standards. It’s important to work with engineers and architects to understand the structural components involved and how they’re able to safely adapt. BUILD IT facilitates this process by connecting you to our internal team of experts, overseen by a dedicated project manager who will coordinate all the moving pieces.

  • One of our biggest specialties is crafting exciting dining environments that feed into your flavours. From five-star kitchens to global QSR brands, we’ve helped all kinds of restaurants build incredible spaces.

  • Leading brands use their retail locations to tell a bigger story that goes way beyond the products on the shelf – and Build It can help you craft a truly engaging customer experience.

  • It makes a big difference when your team loves the space where they work. We can help you design and construct an office that reflects your company’s bigger mission.

  • The beauty industry has naturally high design standards, and we’ll make sure your space reflects the creativity of your craft.

  • It’s always inspiring to create learning + development environments for kids. From child-safe design standards to permit acquisitions, we’ll help you navigate every step of the process.

  • A thoughtfully designed dental office is equally beneficial for patients and practitioners alike. We’ll help you create an environment that’s worth smiling about.

  • The best hotels are so much more than a place to drop your bags and sleep at night. Build It uses experience-driven design principles to create hotels that guests won’t want to leave.

  • A healthy environment inspires healthy living. We can create modern medical office designs that comfort patients and move away from the cold & faceless doctor’s offices of yesterday.

  • Whether it's a professional team or just a personal workout, smartly designed environments can drastically improve athletic performance. We'll help you select the right location, construction strategy, space plan, and interior design to bring your vision to life.

  • The creative standards for pharmacy construction design have undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years. Our BUILD IT team has plenty of experience in this industry, and we'll happily guide you through every step of the pharmacy design-build process.

  • Religious buildings bring in all walks of life. Temples, churches, mosques, or synagogues; we can help you build a place of worship that meets your community’s needs.

Industrial Construction Services

BUILD IT offers all-in-one industrial construction and industrial renovation services to create innovative environments that are equipped to handle modern production and manufacturing operations. We know exactly what kind of considerations, permits, and compliance standards go into small and large-scale industrial facilities, and our integrated team can guide you through every step of the process.

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What is industrial construction?

Industrial construction and industrial renovation jobs typically refer to the design, build, and structural maintenance of facilities intended for production and manufacturing operations. This is a wide-ranging designation that could apply to any number of building purposes and scales of operation – from a small business that manufactures simple fashion goods, to a massive auto parts factory that relies on sophisticated automation lines. These are the types of builds most commonly associated with the term, but it can also encompass corporate locations, healthcare facilities and warehouses, among many other industrial verticals.

The BUILD IT approach to industrial construction

Building for industrial operations – such as factories, plants, and specialized production facilities – requires a high degree of design build expertise. BUILD IT is capable of crafting an environment that will accommodate your operation thanks to our integrated team approach and our emphasis on early-stage planning. By involving us in the preliminary phases of project management, our team of industrial engineers, architects, and consultants will help you navigate all the red tape and compliance requirements needed to ensure your team’s safety and functional integrity.

How to choose the right industrial construction company

Experience and capabilities are two of the most important considerations in selecting an industrial construction company. You want a team that understands the large-scale requirements and logistical nuisances that go into an industrial construction or industrial renovation job – which are far more complicated than your average residential build.

Just as importantly, industrial construction jobs require a heightened level of expertise regarding the acquisition and management of government regulations, permits, and compliance measures. Since industrial construction jobs typically require a larger degree of government oversight (compared to residential or retail storefronts, for example), it’s important to have a partner like BUILD IT who can help you navigate all the steps, paperwork and planning that enables these projects to get the green light from all stakeholders.

Our full-service industrial renovation capabilities

It’s pretty common for industrial facilities such as manufacturing factories and smaller production studios to be repurposed for a new business or new product focus. Our BUILD IT team can complete a full assessment of your pre-existing space to determine how to best transform and renovate it for your new operation – and you’ll benefit from the same dedicated project management workflow model as all our new builds. This includes start-to-finish planning and design phase services, overseen by a single point of contact who will manage all the on-site logistics required to get your operation rolling.

  • Temperature-controlled facilities are a critical link in the food production chain, and you’ll want to make sure yours is adequately designed to store, protect, and ship your inventory. From freezer + fridge systems to specialized HVAC systems and cold-proof flooring, we’ll make sure your cold storage facility is built to last.

  • The auto industry is constantly evolving, and so are the kinds of dealerships that modern consumers want and expect when hunting for their next ride. Whether you’re planning for a big lot or a smaller dealership, we’ll help you find the right location, design, and customer experience.

  • A well-oiled factory keeps workers safe and production rolling. These structurally sophisticated builds require detailed planning to handle all the machinery, teams, and work flows that your operation requires – and BUILDIT can help you navigate every step.

  • Pharmaceutical plant design + construction requires a high degree of planning and rigorous safety protocols to meet regulatory standards.

  • A great warehouse not only provides adequate storage for your inventory, it also maximizes your operational efficiency through intelligent design.

Why work with us?

At BUILD IT, we do everything we can to provide complete construction industry solutions that make things as easy as possible for all parties. We deliver on this promise by centralizing the work process with our fully integrated workforce of consulting, design, trade and contracting experts – meaning everyone you need to get the job done is all working together on the same team.

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