The beautiful craft of woodworking can set the tone for an entire space. And thanks to our dedicated in-house 25,000 square foot millwork shop boasting state-of-the-art woodworking equipment, the BUILD IT team can deliver on sophisticated, highly customized millwork designs from start to finish — without having to subcontract any of the work. 

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What is millwork?

Millwork design is a time-honoured craft that pertains to the production of interior and exterior elements typically made with wood. Architectural and decorative millwork commonly includes components like doors, windows, moldings, mantels, trims, cabinets, storage units, counters, desks, seating, furniture and a whole lot more. It’s often one or some combination of these elements that end up providing the dramatic focal points within a larger design system – so it’s worth getting right.

Though millwork design originated as focusing strictly on wood-produced materials, it has since evolved over the years to include other alternatives such as synthetic and plastic materials. Today, if you look inside BUILD IT’s custom millwork shop, you’ll find a wide array of fabrication materials – but carefully curated, beautifully treated wood pieces remain the star of the show.

A strong millwork design can add rich layers and accents to any space. It’s also an important consideration for branded environments such as restaurants and retail storefronts, as it allows for unique brand-customized features that can beautifully tie an environment together. 

Endless design possibilities.

Since our BUILD IT team operates our own dedicated 25,000 square foot millworking facility, we can bring almost any vision to life. You can choose exactly the kind of lumbers, composites, finishes and stains you want, or rely on our expertise to guide you through the decision-making process.

As part of our design strategy, we always try to bring our clients as close to the raw materials as possible. Different lumbers and finishes can drastically alter the big picture aesthetic of your space, and it really helps to know the differences between the specific materials you’re choosing and how they’ll interact with the more functional considerations of your build. These considerations can include everything from sound-proofing to storage, impact rating and fire resistance.

It’s a lot to think about, but the highly experienced team at BUILD IT can always point you towards the right answer. And once a final design is in place, we’ll go to work and keep you closely connected to the building process every step of the way.

A collaborative approach to custom millwork

At BUILD IT, we love to work hand-in-hand with clients to conceptualize and execute on brand-bespoke millwork projects. From initial shop drawings to final installation, all our custom millwork is completed in-house by highly qualified professionals utilizing our dedicated millwork shop – which is not exactly a common offering in the construction industry.

While a lot of general contractors are forced to subcontract millwork jobs, we can expedite the process and maintain creative control by keeping everything in-house. This gives our BUILD IT team the scalability to deliver services across the country, achieving exceptional value and timeliness.