In order to move and protect your inventory, you’ll need an exceptionally built warehouse that gives you the space – and safety – you need to operate your business. BUILD IT can help you locate, design, and construct every aspect of your commercial warehouse to optimize the storage and circulation of whatever goods you specialize in.

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Things to consider during warehouse construction.

There are plenty of factors that go into a great warehouse design, and a lot of these questions will depend on the kind of warehouse you are building. Is it intended for commercial storage – such as physical goods, parts, or materials – or is it refrigerated for food items? How important is humidity control? The more delicate your goods, the more intricate your warehouse design will have to be – but BUILD IT can help you navigate all these decisions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the warehouse construction process is designing for immediate needs – but not planning for future growth. Think beyond your current inventory and try to imagine, in a best case scenario, what kind of space you might require if your business were to double in the next five years.

Protecting the ground floor of your warehouse.

Flooring is a uniquely important consideration for warehouse construction projects, since they’ll have to withstand heavy wear from forklifts and extreme weight loads. This is especially true for modern operations that rely on automated machinery and robotics, as they typically require taller buildings with higher ceilings – thus amplifying the importance of perfectly flat flooring. Without the right installation measures, operations can quickly lead to cracks and curls, potentially endangering your vehicle operators. The final concrete mix all depends on the unique variables of your operation, and BUILD IT can help you determine the right flooring solution for your warehouse. 

Optimizing the layout + flow of goods in your warehouse.

What good is a warehouse if you can’t easily access and transport what you’re storing? Often referred to as “circulation”, the logistical operations that guide the movement of inventory within your warehouse is a principal factor in the design process. How often are goods replaced, rotated, and shipped – and how can they be positioned accordingly? At the end of the day, the less (and less often) your inventory needs to be moved, the more money you’ll save on operational expenses. BUILD IT will help you design, test, and finalize warehouse schematics + process maps to find the right balance and ensure the smoothest operation possible.

Improving energy efficiency – and reducing operating costs in the process.

Given the scale and scope of many warehouse facilities, these buildings can end up costing a lot of money to operate due to high energy costs – to say nothing of potential environmental impact. BUILD IT can help you explore energy-efficient alternatives such as lighting, solar panels, and other green-certified fixtures to reduce the carbon footprint of your warehouse while saving you some money at the same time.

Choose BUILD IT for your next warehouse construction project.

Our full-service design build approach to warehouse construction allows us to oversee every aspect of the project – ensuring you get the quality and capabilities your operation demands. From site selection to circulation planning and final construction, BUILD IT will set up your warehouse for long-term success.

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