If you know you need a new space built but don’t know where to start, BUILD IT can act as your commercial construction consultant and provide clear answers to all your biggest questions. From feasibility studies to design vision, costing and contract management – BUILD IT’s construction consulting services will help you understand and develop the perfect blueprints for your project.   

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What does a commercial construction consultant do?

In the simplest terms, construction consulting services are designed to provide industrial expertise and insight to clients who need something built but don’t know where to begin. Construction consultants serve as the crucial bridge between a project owner and the various teams in charge of planning + building the final product. Think of them as your professional guide and advocate, assisting as you navigate through the sometimes daunting and intricate stages of construction planning, contracts and delivery.

Construction consultants often have a background in fields such as architecture and civil engineering, as well as on-site work experience, so they’re able to speak the industry language and communicate effectively with everyone from project managers to trades specialists. Our consultants at BUILD IT also pride themselves on their business acumen and strong negotiation skills, which is crucial when it comes to the management of your project contracts.

Guiding you through the process.

The first thing your BUILD IT construction consultant will do is sit down for an in-depth discovery session with key stakeholders to get a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve. Once we’ve acquired a solid understanding of your goals, your construction consultant will help to coordinate the pre-design and feasibility phases of your project. It’s their job to identify any potential challenges and mitigate risk before any ground is broken. From that point, the focus switches to cost estimation and financial planning.

As your project moves into schematic design and technical drawings, your consultant will help you interpret the complexities of all plans, consistently evaluating them against the big picture vision laid out by your stakeholders.

Once the actual construction begins, our construction consulting services will help you in tracking the progress of the project and ensure key milestones are being met on-time and on-budget. They’ll also be able to ensure any third-party teams or subcontractors are adhering to the proper technical requirements. This process becomes even easier thanks to the fact that BUILD IT is able to coordinate so many of our project tasks internally using in-house talent. Our construction consulting services will also aid you during the post-construction phase, coordinating testing and inspections prior to opening. 

Developing and managing contracts.

One of the construction consultant’s most important responsibilities is the preparation and management of your project contracts. Typically, this would involve the tender of contracts and management of competing bids from various contractors – but BUILD IT is uniquely able to simplify this process by filling most (if not all) of the required roles internally. On occasion, we will rely on some trusted subcontractors, in which case your consultant will help to negotiate a fair price and monitor their work performance.

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