Creating a space that welcomes anyone and everyone

Do you need more space for your congregation? Are you unsure how much a new place of worship or a renovation would cost? Do you need a fresh, modern update to your existing space? Whatever your needs, we’re here to help!

At BUILD IT, our goal is to match your values and support the community through excellent building design and construction. We will work with you to create a structure that fits your vision and budget while meeting your community’s specific and unique requirements.

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new place of worship church temple mosque building contruction - West Toronto Christian Community Church - by Church builders BUILD IT

Religious construction: the BUILD IT way

Religious building construction and renovation begins with understanding how you want to use your religious space. It is important to have a space where everyone can feel safe and invited.

We’ll hold a meeting with the leaders of your religious organization to understand your goals for the renovation or new build. We’ll ask questions like: How big is your community? How do you want your building to be designed, interior and exterior? What reflects your mission and values as an organization? What is your budget?

The answers will help us develop a design that best represents your church and the community around it. Every detail is important to us, no matter how small.

Praying space - West Toronto Christian Community Church - by Church contractors BUILD IT

Creating dynamic buildings that inspire the congregation

Religious buildings are often used for many different events in addition to weekly services: meetings, fundraisers, baby showers, weddings, concerts, and other gatherings.

Your building needs to function for a variety of different needs. Unlike regular construction contractors, BUILD IT understands the need to have a space that is dedicated to worship without going over your budget.

We will work with you from fundraising until the completion of your new structure or renovation. We’re committed to proactive and clear communication, keeping you informed each step of the way. We’ll manage the details so you don’t have to stress about every small detail.

Constructing your place for prayer

BUILD IT keeps your best interest in mind when building your religious space. We have years of experience building and renovating churches and other religious buildings, so we know what will work and what will not.

We use the best materials possible while staying within your budget. If issues arise, we will resolve them quickly to avoid delaying the construction process and paying more in the long run.

Our construction project manager helps communicate to the team any information that they need to know. They’ll work to ensure that everything is done correctly and within the scheduled time.

A worship space that is for everyone

When building or renovating a worship space, it is important to keep your current congregation and current needs in mind. But it’s also important to think about how your religious space might grow in the future and what you’ll need in the years to come.

Do you want to be able to hold larger events in your space? Are you interested in engaging the surrounding community in addition to your current congregation?

A space to worship is the main component, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing that you focus on. BUILD IT can take on almost any concept if it is important to you and your religious community.

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