Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases people make – so auto dealerships have to create an environment that inspires trust, confidence, and professionalism. BUILD IT can help auto dealers evaluate sites, design, and construct every aspect of their next location, while maintaining the high brand standards that international car companies demand.

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Choosing the right location for your dealership.

There are a number of factors that go into selecting the right location for your auto dealership construction project – starting with the big one: how many cars will you have on-site at any given time? Securing enough space for your ideal lot is often a top priority, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of consumer-friendly accessibility or aesthetic potential.

Another thing to consider: what’s it like driving nearby? Test drives are traditionally one of the most important parts of the deal – and if it’s a nightmare getting in and out of your lot, your customer may sour on the prospect of driving it home. Consider access to nearby streets, highways, and easy-driving areas – as well as the speed limits and safety of the roads you’re going to be taking customers on.

Maintaining your auto brand standards.

More often than not, auto dealerships act as physical extensions of the brand they’re representing – so it’s extremely important that your construction design holds true to the corporate standards of your brand. This is where BUILD IT shines. We’ve worked with dozens of blue-chip franchises across North America, creating unique environments that meet the stringent design requirements of international brand standards. We can adapt and design custom elements including signage, furniture, and brand-bespoke fixtures — so the in-person experience matches up with what customers see online, in your ads, and across other locations + consumer touchpoints.

Doing more with less.

We usually associate auto dealerships with big lots. But you may need less space than you think – especially if your auto dealership construction project is going to be located in a densely populated or metropolitan area. Modern auto dealerships are moving away from massive lots filled with cars you can drive home right then and there, instead focusing on the customer experience inside, where you may only have a few (or even one) vehicle on hand. These locations draw upon other industries’ retail and shopper marketing strategies, leveraging interactive displays and other digital technology to demonstrate a vehicle’s selling points without actually getting behind the wheel. BUILD IT can help your team plan for, design, and install showroom materials + interactive displays that will engage potential buyers and bring your auto brand to life.

Choose BUILD IT for your next auto dealership project.

Whether you’re renovating your current dealership or setting out to create a brand new home to showcase and sell your vehicles, BUILD IT can help you navigate all the intricacies of construction thanks to our wide-ranging team of in-house talent. From consulting to engineering, interior design and trade specialists, we have everything – and everyone – it takes to craft and construct a world-class auto dealership.

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