The best bars & restaurants don’t just serve you an amazing meal – they also transport you through immersive design and authentic ambience. BUILD IT has been trusted by some of Canada’s top-rated independent bars & restaurants as well as internationally respected franchises like McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, and Jollibee to create environments that are as beautiful as they are functionally sound. And with over a decade of experience building the kind of restaurants we love to eat at, you can trust BUILD IT to plan, design and construct your next culinary establishment.

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What makes a great restaurant design?

Great restaurants tell a story – not only through their food, but also through their physical environment. The structural + interior design of your restaurant should reflect the style, origin, and mood of your menu so every touchpoint feels like part of the same cohesive experience. From the bar to the table tops, lighting, floors, counters, and countless other elements, BUILD IT will help you perfect all the little design touches that will truly tie the space together and engage your patrons through all five senses.

Creating the right restaurant ambiance.

With a few exceptions, an overly noisy restaurant is something that can quickly ruin a diner’s experience – and some of your key design decisions will directly impact the sound levels of a bustling dining room. High ceilings and hard surfaces, while beautiful, can lead to poor acoustics that will have your guests shouting over one another. BUILD IT will help you explore sound-friendly materials and design strategies that mitigate this issue without compromising on the overall aesthetic of your restaurant construction project.  

Perfecting back-of-house design.

You can have the most beautiful dining area in the world – but none of that will matter if your kitchen is inadequately designed or equipped. This is one area where it’s worth investing a little extra money, opting for new warranty-protected kitchen equipment. Keep in mind: the kitchen ultimately belongs to your chef + back of house team, and every element of its design should be influenced by the way they work on the line. BUILD IT always encourages discovery sessions with cooking staff to understand how they like to work, where different equipment should ideally go, and what little touches will improve the efficiency of their daily service.

Building for quick service restaurants + franchises.

Over the last 10+ years, BUILD IT has been trusted by international restaurant brands like McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, A&W, Arby’s, Jollibee, Five Guys, and Blaze Pizza (among many others) to design and construct new locations that hold true to their brand values. Our integrated design team will work closely with your corporate + marketing teams to understand your brand guidelines and create an environment that feels like a natural evolution of your company’s bigger story.

The bar & restaurant construction expertise you deserve.

Whether you’re a local bar, restaurant or an international franchise, BUILD IT offers an unrivalled level of experience and expertise in the world of construction. From site selection to interior design and full service general contracting, you can trust BUILD IT to perfect your next bar & restaurant construction or bar & restaurant renovation project.

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