At BUILD IT, we love creating inspiring spaces for kids and caregivers. There are a lot of factors that go into creating safe, sound environments for our children – especially when it comes to zoning laws and permits. BUILD IT will help you navigate all these logistical barriers, collaborating with you to design a kid-friendly daycare that sets the tone for lifelong learning and growth.

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Daycare construction zoning laws and permits – what to know.

When planning a daycare construction or daycare renovation project, there are a number of zoning laws and permits you’ll have to plan for. Everything from surrounding businesses to road traffic, number of windows, noise levels, and playground accessibility will need to be taken into consideration – all of which will vary depending on your municipality.

For example, in Toronto a day nursery located in an apartment building, public or private school must be located on the first storey, with an interior floor size no larger than 40% of the gross floor area of that storey. There are also rules about where and how close yards + play areas are relative to nearby streets, and other rules about what kind of buildings are allowed to house such an operation.

It should go without saying, but it’s extremely important to study and meet these criteria before you get too far along in your project development, or else you could lose a lot of time (and money) before you even begin building. Our BUILD IT consultants can help you navigate these regulations and ensure site feasibility from the earliest stages of your project to ensure a smooth build follows.

Architectural planning for daycares – getting you the green light. 

Unless you’ve already obtained a permit to operate your daycare, your municipality will likely require detailed architectural plans to ensure everything is being built to code. BUILD IT can help you engineer and finalize these documents for review as we work in parallel on initial design strategies, ensuring there are no nasty regulatory problems that pop up along the way.

Daycare construction vs. daycare renovation – which is right for you?

The choice between renovating a pre-existing building versus creating a brand new space – or one that is part a shared building – all depends on the size, specialty, and location of your daycare operation. BUILD IT is fully equipped to execute beautiful daycare construction projects in either case, delivering custom designs while finding smart cost efficiencies thanks to our in-house team of talent, which spans every service from consulting to millwork to electrical and many other trade specialists.

Interior design for child care facilities.

Beyond all the permits and structural construction plans, you’ll also need to plan for everything that goes inside your daycare. From washing stations to kitchen facilities, play areas, storage cubbies, and a whole lot more. BUILD IT’s interior design team can help you curate and customize all these elements, tying everything together (and doing it safely) to make the space feel comfortable and welcoming for kids, parents, and caregivers alike.

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