There are two types of hotels: those that provide a place to sleep at night, and the ones that become a true highlight of your trip. Whether you’re designing a brand new boutique hotel location or renovating a major brand within a storied heritage building, BUILD IT can provide turnkey design and construction services to create a world-class guest experience.

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What makes a great hotel design?

Today’s most popular hotel brands offer an elevated guest experience that becomes so much more than just a place to drop your bags and lay your head for the night. Each room tells a story, and all the building’s design elements are united by a common theme. For many hotels – especially smaller, boutique ones – the building itself becomes the main source of design inspiration. If you’re building a brand new hotel, BUILD IT can help you select and evaluate locations through feasibility studies and early design prototypes.

Achieving timeless design in hotel construction.

When it comes to hotel construction, interior design is of utmost importance – after all, your rooms are essentially the product you’re selling to customers. As a general rule, we always steer our hotel construction and hotel renovation clients towards timeless design styles. Given the size and volume of rooms, there’s a good chance you’ll be sticking with one look for many years – so it’s smart to land on an aesthetic that is both modern and enduring, while still flexible enough to evolve with the times.

For hotel renovation jobs, we suggest starting with one room to get a feel for your new design approach. Treat it like a miniature model home, allowing your design team to iron out all the details and potential challenges before you have to tackle the dozens (or hundreds) of other rooms that make up your hotel.

Putting guest comfort first.

Noise is another big consideration. If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel with paper thin walls, you already know how important soundproofing and acoustics are in terms of guest experience. We can help you select the right materials, flooring, and ceiling designs to maintain a peaceful environment within every guest suite – incorporating things like noise-cancelling window fixtures to reduce noise coming in from street-level. BUILD IT will also help you evaluate structural decisions like hallway layout and utility room planning to further reduce noise pollution for all your guests.  

Making your hotel easy to clean.

Cleanliness is another top priority for guest satisfaction – so it’s important that you design your hotel with easy-to-clean materials and surfaces in mind. That means skipping out on shag carpeting (hey, remember what we talked about timeless design?) and opting for room designs that allow your cleaning staff to quickly and effectively turn rooms over before check-in. BUILD IT can also help you explore and implement sanitization protocols to help protect guests in the wake of COVID-19.

Choose BUILD IT for your next hotel renovation or construction job.

With a wide-ranging team of in-house talent including experts in everything from engineering to millwork, interior design and full service general contracting, BUILD IT can help you conceptualize and construct a hotel that will become a focal point of your guests’ next adventure. 

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