In the world of retail, it’s not enough to simply construct a functional space – you need to draw customers in with an environment that can’t be ignored. BUILD IT has conceptualized, built, and transformed world-class retail environments for some of the country’s biggest brands, and we can help you translate your vision into a space that facilitates more meaningful consumer engagements.

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What is retail construction?

Retail construction and retail renovation are wide-ranging designations that pertain to pretty much any construction project designed for customer service – from locally owned shops to big box department stores. Regardless of size, optimizing the environment for consumer engagement and sales fulfillment is the name of the game. But that’s just the functional side of things; perfecting your environment’s brand aesthetic is just as important when it comes to retail construction.

When you think about your favourite stores, you can probably envision exactly how they look and feel in your mind – and that doesn’t happen by accident. Retail construction and retail renovation jobs are an integral component of a brand’s customer strategy, and BUILD IT has worked with hundreds of leading companies to translate their brand values into physical destinations that feel like a natural extension of their larger design system.

Things to consider for retail construction projects

There’s a long list of retail construction considerations, and it all depends on the unique needs of your business. What are you selling, and what is the customer journey that will lead visitors to your retail location? What kind (and size) of inventory will you have, and will customers need to demo, try-on, or physically experience the product in-store before buying? You also need to think about what kind of product displays, physical marketing features, or brand-specific touches will go into the space – and how your staff will play into the spatial functionality. BUILD IT can help you answer all these questions, creating comprehensive designs and interior renderings to plan for exactly what you need.

Attracting foot traffic is another one of the biggest design objectives when it comes to constructing a retail destination – and that means the exterior of your shop is just as important as the environment inside. BUILD IT can help you craft the perfect exterior façade with custom brand elements, signage, lighting, and millwork features that could make the difference between a potential customer walking by or coming inside to shop.

Retail construction for environmentally responsible companies

More than ever before, brands are expected to act as environmentally-conscious corporate citizens – and your retail construction strategy can play a big role in furthering this commitment. BUILD IT can help you implement eco-friendly building practices by exploring sustainable building materials, energy-efficient sources and fixtures, upcycled features, and other strategies that can help you obtain green status and LEED certification.

Trust BUILD IT with your next retail construction project

As digital consumer trends transform the brick and mortar retail industry, we’re always exploring new and innovative ways to create a proud home for your team and customers.

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