From first sketch to final installations, BUILD IT acts as a turnkey design build contractor that will eliminate your need to hire and manage multiple contracts. We unify the entire process, working towards the same big picture vision while providing clients with a single point of contact during every phase of your project.

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What is design build construction?

Like the name suggests, design build construction or “D-B” is a streamlined project delivery model that essentially unites designers and builders under one contract as opposed to hiring each separately. You’re essentially combining interior design, project management, and construction specialists into one team that’s responsible for the shared master vision – and that’s exactly what we do best here at BUILD IT.

Design-build vs. traditional delivery

So why would anyone go with a traditional multi-contractor delivery model instead of hiring a singular design build contractor? Until fairly recently, the traditional approach – often referred to as “design-bid-build” – was a lot more common, but often lead to complicated relationships and competing interests. Under this system, each element of your construction plan was broken down into a separate task that would be hired out to contractors and subcontractors based on competitive bidding.

In theory, this bidding was meant to achieve cost savings at each phase of the project. But in reality, this siloed approach too often creates a tangled web of miscommunication and complications that end up costing clients even more money than they had hoped to save. That’s why design build contractors have become so much more popular over the last couple of decades, and today account for almost half of all new builds.

BUILD IT simplifies the entire process.

Our design build construction approach puts everyone under the same roof; interior design, project management, and construction are all overseen by the same team – a strategy made possible thanks to the BUILD IT team’s robust roster of in-house talent. This means less moving parts, a more unified vision, and a singular point of contact that leads your entire project from initial designs to final construction.

Design build also allows us to offer a much higher degree of design customization, since both sides are collaborating towards the same vision in unison. If you need to make adjustments or address challenges – no matter what part of the BUILD IT concerns – you know exactly who to turn to, and all subsequently required actions are put into motion at the same time.

Saving yourself time, money, and mistakes with design build commercial contractor.

The benefits of choosing a design build contractor go far beyond the convenience of streamlined project management. Design build construction also provides significant cost savings and reduced timelines due to the fact that efficiencies are much easier to achieve when a dedicated team is managing all phases of the project.

The design build approach also mitigates risk. Under the traditional model, mistakes made by one subcontractor can cause a domino effect of costly and unnecessary delays for everyone else. Our design build model addresses challenges at the root, and ensures a smoother process that’s always on-time and on-budget.

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