Few workspaces are more important than doctor offices and medical facilities. By using smart design principles and adhering to the highest standards of construction quality, BUILD IT will help you create a professional medical office environment that puts your patients at ease, while also giving your practitioners the facilities and resources they need to safely do their job.   

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Things to consider for medical office construction.

We don’t want your medical office to feel like a cold and faceless place. The same way design trends have evolved in almost every other industry, taking a consumer-first approach to your patient’s experience can go a long way in helping visitors feel at ease. We can do this by incorporating comforting elements like natural lighting, warm materials, plants and garden spaces, soothing focal features, café areas, and a number of other strategies that will improve the patient experience.

Selecting the right location is also critical to the success of your medical office construction or medical office renovation job – particularly if your practice is aimed at accommodating a high volume of walk-in patients. It’s smart to consider things like proximity to major highways, public transit hubs, and access to shared or private parking lots for everyone who visits.

When making all these decisions, it’s important to remember the demographic of your patient base. If you primarily treat seniors and people with significant physical disabilities, you’ll want to create a much different environment than, say, a downtown sports therapy clinic that primarily caters to younger, more able-bodied patients.

What's better for medical offices: building or renovating?

There’s no easy answer: it all depends on your size, specialization, location, and long-term goals. Medical offices are commonly located in shared buildings like office towers or business parks – and as long as they’re structurally fit for the scope and scale of your operation, there’s no reason our BUILD IT team can’t renovate a pre-existing space and make it feel like a brand new office.

On the other hand, thanks to our wide-ranging roster of in-house talent at BUILD IT, we’re often able to find equally affordable options to create a brand new space for medical office construction – managing everything from site evaluation to engineering, design, and on-site construction under one unified team.

Designing with medical equipment in mind.

Medical professionals tend to work with big, expensive, and extremely important equipment. Things like x-ray machines can’t just be stuffed into any corner; you need to consider them into your medical office construction plans from the very first stages of design. BUILD IT can help you determine the correct positioning, power supplies, ventilation and back-up systems for all of these components – and we can also explore energy-reducing options that will make your medical office more eco-friendly while also saving you some money on your utilities.

Ensuring a safe medical office environment.

Cleaning and sanitization has always been a critically important consideration for medical environments – and in the wake of COVID-19, it’s become even more so. We’ll help you factor safety protocols into the overall design of your medical office construction project, using easy-to-clean materials for flooring, walls, waiting areas and shared spaces so you can ensure the safety of your patients and team.

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