If you’re in the business of beauty, your business better be beautiful, too. BUILD IT helps hair and nail salons create environments that reflect the artistic style of their brand, professionals, and client base – overseeing every element of construction from initial site planning to construction engineering and custom interior design.

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What makes a great salon design?

Nowadays, hair and nail salons often feel more like upscale cafés or clubs than they do traditional beauty parlors. The best brands are borrowing design cues from other lifestyle industries to project their creative style through interior elements like lighting, upcycled materials, restaurant-inspired seating and super comfy waiting areas. Some salons are even partnering with local coffee shops and boutique retailers to create the feel of a community hub; a place where you’re just as likely to drop in for a latté as you are for a trim or manicure. Obviously, this approach will vary based on your target demographic and style of operation. Whatever the case, BUILD IT can help you capture the creative spirit behind your business so customers feel engaged from the moment they step through your doors.

Choosing the right location for salon construction.

There are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right location for your hair or nail salon construction project. How much foot traffic are you going to benefit from? Where’s the nearest parking lot, and how close are you to public transit? Another thing to watch out for is nearby construction projects that may hurt walk-in traffic. If your sidewalks are obstructed by a long-term construction project like a new subway line or massive condo tower being built, you could see a serious dip in pedestrian volume during the all-important first months/year of your business.

You’ll also want to put thoughtful consideration into your salon’s exterior. BUILD IT can help you create beautifully branded facades and street-level signage that attract walk-in clients and set a stylish tone from the moment customers arrive.

Balancing design with practicality inside your salon. 

We’re always on a mission to build beautiful business – and that’s especially true for hair & nail salons. But when it comes to interior design, we need to consider the (sometimes messy) realities of esthetic industry workplaces. For example: white floors may look sharp and modern, but they won’t look so nice when they’re stained with hair dyes + nail polishes. You’ll also need the right electrical systems to handle all those blow dryers, and adequate plumbing so your shampooing sinks don’t get clogged up. We’ll help you plan for all these requirements to create a safe, functional, and easy-to-clean environment that doesn’t compromise on your brand’s style.

Planning for privacy, lighting, and layouts. 

Beauty customers deserve to feel comfortable and personally protected during their visit, so it’s important to perfect the spatial layout of your salon. Depending on the scope of your services, you may need to design multiple areas including private spaces for waxing or tanning – and each of these areas will require different approaches to lighting. Bright (but not harsh) lighting is crucial for styling stations, while other areas may benefit from softer, more ambient lighting. BUILD IT can also help you explore energy-efficient options to make your salon as green as possible, leveraging LED lighting and upcycled materials to evoke a sense of natural + environmentally responsible style.

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