BUILD IT offers all-in-one industrial construction and industrial renovation services to create innovative environments that are equipped to handle modern production and manufacturing operations. We know exactly what kind of considerations, permits, and compliance standards go into small and large-scale industrial facilities, and our integrated team can guide you through every step of the process.

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What is industrial construction?

Industrial construction and industrial renovation jobs typically refer to the design, build, and structural maintenance of facilities intended for production and manufacturing operations. This is a wide-ranging designation that could apply to any number of building purposes and scales of operation – from a small business that manufactures simple fashion goods, to a massive auto parts factory that relies on sophisticated automation lines. These are the types of builds most commonly associated with the term, but it can also encompass corporate locations, healthcare facilities and warehouses, among many other industrial verticals.

The BUILD IT approach to industrial construction

Building for industrial operations – such as factories, plants, and specialized production facilities – requires a high degree of design build expertise. BUILD IT is capable of crafting an environment that will accommodate your operation thanks to our integrated team approach and our emphasis on early-stage planning. By involving us in the preliminary phases of project management, our team of industrial engineers, architects, and consultants will help you navigate all the red tape and compliance requirements needed to ensure your team's safety and functional integrity.

How to choose the right industrial construction company

Experience and capabilities are two of the most important considerations in selecting an industrial construction company. You want a team that understands the large-scale requirements and logistical nuisances that go into an industrial construction or industrial renovation job – which are far more complicated than your average residential build.

Just as importantly, industrial construction jobs require a heightened level of expertise regarding the acquisition and management of government regulations, permits, and compliance measures. Since industrial construction jobs typically require a larger degree of government oversight (compared to residential or retail storefronts, for example), it's important to have a partner like BUILD IT who can help you navigate all the steps, paperwork and planning that enables these projects to get the green light from all stakeholders.

Our full-service industrial renovation capabilities

It's pretty common for industrial facilities such as manufacturing factories and smaller production studios to be repurposed for a new business or new product focus. Our BUILD IT team can complete a full assessment of your pre-existing space to determine how to best transform and renovate it for your new operation – and you'll benefit from the same dedicated project management workflow model as all our new builds. This includes start-to-finish planning and design phase services, overseen by a single point of contact who will manage all the on-site logistics required to get your operation rolling.