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It’s no surprise that operating a restaurant is a huge undertaking. Maintaining the interior aesthetics can be just as onerous. A lot of people will focus primarily on what the tables and wait staff will look like and choosing the right colour for the establishment. There is even a lot of focus placed on saving money on kitchen equipment. However, something that often gets overlooked is the flooring for restaurants.

Picking the right flooring for restaurants

The flooring is essentially the foundation of your restaurant’s aesthetic. It needs to be as functional as it is safe. Additionally, you must assess the rules regarding quality flooring options that regulated spaces (ex. prep areas) allow. When selecting your restaurant’s flooring, there are many choices out there. You could either go with a single seamless look or a mixture of different materials.

Oftentimes, restaurateurs seek out a floor that is easy to clean, making this a great jumping-off point. If that is a key factor in your search, a hard surface is the way to go. While carpets help diminish sound and can usually be stain-resistant, it is a lot more maintenance-heavy. With that said, here are some choices to help you with your restaurant’s flooring plan.


Laminate is perfect for enduring the daily wear and tear that your restaurant will go through. The benefits include excellent strength and durability. With its resin coating, cleaning it is easy to do and it is scratch-resistant. The surface is smooth, level, and impervious to stains and wearing out. Moreover, it resists fading, thus giving your restaurant a distinct look that appears brand new longer.

Along with these benefits, the flooring is effortless to maintain as even stain marks that are days old can be removed with a mop. Taking into account that restaurants typically receive tons of stains, laminate flooring piques the interest of many restaurateurs. The other reason to choose this flooring is that it comes with an array of textures and colours. It provides your restaurant with a warm feeling and makes it look a lot richer.


Hardwood is a classic favourite of restaurants due to its timeless style and endurance. It suits any design aesthetic and maintaining it is quite simple. Furthermore, it can be refurbished to modify the overall look. 

For those who are looking for something more unique and less traditional, check out some unorthodox installation patterns. Hardwood installation with a herringbone or chevron pattern can conjure up unique visuals for your space. In doing so, it will boost interest. A notable example of this are planks that contain a variety of stain colours for a more trendy design.


If you are looking for a durable surface for all areas in your restaurant, then stone is the best choice. Not just for chic appearances, but also for long-lasting use. It holds itself well against heavy traffic, drops, and spills. It is one of the more elegant choices, too. Each stone type has its own level of durability. However, on average, it is incredibly durable and gives off a natural texture. This texture aids in grips, making it ideal for kitchen areas. It is also perfect for non-slip bar flooring where slips and falls are common.

When it comes to flooring, there are several types of stone to use. Stone tiles come in numerous styles and blend in with a variety of décor themes. Granite and slate tiles are extremely durable and cleaning them is an easy task. Be sure to look for textured stone as this will provide great traction and prevent any falls.


Vinyl is a popular flooring for restaurants due to its cost-efficiency. Additionally, it is durable and low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for various restaurant environments. As sturdy as it is, vinyl also allows for many aesthetic ideas. It is perfect for heavy foot traffic, spills, and abrasions. On top of that, it is capable of mimicking other types of flooring at a much lower cost. Furthermore, this flooring insulates sound and decreases echoing, as well as provides a safe surface to walk on.

Luxury vinyl tile (aka. LVT) balances design and cost perfectly. It comes in an assortment of styles and price ranges, plus installing it is very simple. What makes it an especially great choice for most décor types is its varying shades and sizes.

Verdict on the right flooring for restaurants

There are a wide variety of options beyond the ones listed here. In the end, whatever type of flooring you pick boils down to what your restaurant needs. If you would like some consultation on the flooring for your project, contact our Calgary construction services for assistance. Additionally, check out our Restaurant Construction Checklist so you know what you will need for this project.