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CrossFit is a popular workout routine that integrates Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, aerobics, rowing, and other exercises into its regimen. The goal is to do the maximum amount of work in as little time as possible. CrossFit-centric gyms are becoming a favourite among avid gym-goers, resulting in many people looking to open their own box gym. This raises the question of “what important factors should I remember?” Additionally, “how much does it cost to open a CrossFit box?” There are a lot of components and challenges pertaining to opening a fitness space, so let’s start at the beginning to explain the process.

Become a certified trainer

First and foremost, one must become a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. Acquiring this certification costs up to $1,000. Moreover, you have to take a weekend course. There are other higher levels, going all the way up to Level 4 on top of specialty training classes. An example includes teaching CrossFit to children. However, to open a box gym, all you need is Level 1 training. Remember that you need to renew it every five years.

Each trainer you employ needs to undergo this training as well. A lot of CrossFit gym owners will cover their employees’ training fees. Furthermore, you can bring apprentices on board to work under your gym’s CrossFit trainers. The only condition is that the trainers must be certified.

Selecting the right location to open your CrossFit box

To open a CrossFit box, you need to decide on what the location will be. This element is big when opening a gym because you need to consider certain things. For instance, you need to determine if it’s in an area that people can easily find. Then, there are questions about the building itself. Is it jammed between other businesses? Will any remodelling be necessary?

Location is especially crucial when it comes to workouts. Remember that you will have people climbing ropes and dropping barbells and dumbbells on the floor. Additionally, some will be tossing wall balls and doing exercises like push-ups.

Below are some things to consider when developing your CrossFit business:

  • Are you alone in the building or are you sharing it with neighbours?
  • If you have neighbours, are you located on an end? Or are you between them?
  • Are the ceilings high enough to accommodate rope climbing?
  • Are you able to sound-proof or diminish some of the gym’s noise?

Acquire business insurance

CrossFit requires that business owners launching their own boxes show proof of insurance. Opening a CrossFit gym has its risks; some that opening another business doesn’t often have. People are doing workouts, using equipment, walking around things they could potentially trip over, and performing other precarious activities. You should get business insurance for an array of scenarios. That way, if anything happens to someone in your gym, the business will have coverage.

You should also get coverage in the event of equipment being stolen or damaged. Moreover, you might want to consider having the instructors you hire get insurance, too.

Initial costs to open a CrossFit box

Like retail construction costs, opening a CrossFit box requires a chunk of change. Your startup costs will range between $20,000 and $50,000. This often includes your $1,000 training along with the $3,000 to corporate. CrossFit gyms typically do not have as much equipment as traditional gyms do. Nevertheless, gym equipment can still be rather costly.

Member fees

Once you pinpoint your initial costs and ongoing expenses, you can then calculate your membership fees. This is what will help you generate a profit. For example, if your fixed monthly costs are $6,500, divide the fixed cost by the total number of members. This will determine the profit margins.

Monthly membership fees for the average CrossFit gym are usually somewhere between $100 and $200. This is significantly high in comparison to traditional gyms. However, when you think about it, CrossFit gyms are a specialty. This means that members will be willing to pay extra to use the facility.

Be careful not to undervalue

Setting your prices too low at the start will make it harder for you to raise them later on. Some recommend having 100 members pay $200 per month rather than 200 members paying $100 per month. The lower the prices, the more clients you will need to fully cover expenses and be lucrative. With more members, it will cost more to maintain your equipment as well as your space. Contact our Calgary construction location if you need assistance in creating your CrossFit box.