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When creating a beauty salon, interior design should take precedence over everything else. The design of the salon is crucial in presenting hospitable beauty businesses. After all, when setting up this type of establishment, you are marketing both style and beauty. Because of this, you could benefit from some beauty salon renovation ideas and that is where this article comes into play.

We will primarily be covering beauty salons in general, so if you want to learn about nail salons specifically, check out A Dive into Nail Salon Interior Design.

Choosing a theme for your beauty salon renovation

The beauty industry, unsurprisingly, focuses on appearances. This basically means that your salon will often be subject to judgement based on its appearance. Therefore, you should ensure that your décor makes a statement about who you are and what your brand is about.

You can start creating your salon’s design by deciding on a theme. The theme will function as the foundation of the furniture, as well as the design of your salon overall. Perhaps it will be a bold retro style, something that emulates country living or is minimal and modern. When it comes to choosing one, it is important that you remember your target clients.

The theme should match the taste and preference of the majority of your clients. Additionally, various factors – like the colours, decorations, and music – should align. For instance, bright colours match up with lively music. Above all else, coordination will help cement the atmosphere you desire more quickly.

Rework the lighting and colours

The right colour palette can prove to be advantageous. A lot of new customers lean more towards beauty salons with captivating colour palettes. It’s human nature to gravitate to a colour that they identify with. Therefore, it is an important component when thinking about beauty salon renovation ideas.

Familiarity plays a huge role in drawing the attention of more customers to your business. Obviously, it is crucial to remember that you shouldn’t incorporate all colours at once. An array of hues will give off a cheap look and could potentially be distracting. With that said, you should only use two to three primary colours.

You can move around the palette, but it is imperative that you stick to them. Remember that the colour palette is not exclusively for the walls. In fact, you can easily apply the palette to the furniture, lighting, and an assortment of design items. To improve the design, you can also add flowers that match the overall scheme.

When deciding on a colour palette, take note of the following suggestions:

  • Select colours that correspond with the theme of your salon.
  • Go for colours that reflect your brand and its beliefs.
  • Choose colours that blend seamlessly with your current colour.
  • Select colours that are different from your competitors.
  • Choose colours that your clients prefer or relate to more.

Waiting area upgrades

Upgrading your waiting area (aka. the reception area) is vital. This zone is the first section of the salon that your clients will see. Making a good first impression is essential, so make sure that there are no clutters present.

You can expand the reception desk by including concealed drawers for much better storage. Additionally, floor levelling benefits in properly defining an array of areas. Use the appropriate colours that would augment space, too. Furthermore, by positioning your reception desk and primary retail separately, you could potentially boost sales. Patrons are more likely to look at products that contain separate compartments.

Keep your clientele in mind with your beauty salon renovation ideas

The more successful salons often have a picture of what their ideal customer is. Moreover, they provide services and price points that will effectively grab their attention. The same concept applies to the design of your salon.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself what you want to see. What are some elements that you prefer to see in a salon? What do you expect when entering a beauty salon? Keep these questions in mind while you are thinking about what elements to incorporate. 

Moreover, consider these suggestions:

  • An approachable front desk
  • A relaxing environment
  • An area that is bright, tranquil, and has natural lighting
  • Chairs that are soft and comfortable
  • Engaging magazines for reading, as well as hairdressing ideas
  • Pampering basins for relaxation
  • Up-to-date stock on the shelves


Keep in mind that coordination on all the elements is key and should be evident in the salon. Also, remember that the intent of a good interior design is to maintain balance in all aspects of a beauty salon. If you need help outlining your design plans or need consultation, contact our Toronto construction location. Moreover, if you want to learn about the costs of retail renovation per square foot, read our article Retail Renovation Cost Per Square Foot.