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Modern-day nail salons are more than just a place for people to get manicures and pedicures. They function as a relaxing space where they can rest and enjoy a tranquil environment. When it comes to constructing a nail salon, one of the key elements is perfecting the design of the salon. For this reason, you will want the best nail salon interior design for your establishment.

Picking the right theme

Beauty business owners are strongly encouraged to figure out – then augment – their unique point of difference. Clients love salons possessing a strong theme, plus they are more memorable and easier to advertise. Moreover, they have higher chances of gaining widespread recognizability and acquire a solid word-of-mouth marketing boost.

A creative approach provides benefits when you are planning out a nail salon interior design. The most popular salons in the industry understand that having a unique gimmick – even if only visual – can prove advantageous. However, if you go this route, it is important that you follow through with it and don’t stop halfway.

A solid nail salon theme with creative passion behind it will often amount to substantial success. Evidently, a half-hearted execution can generate an array of disadvantages. If you are enthusiastic about the project and already have some ideas, remember that an original interior should look intentional. If a minimalistic approach is done halfway, it could potentially look more sparse and less stylish. A half-finished retro appearance could look archaic rather than endearing. A rustic design done halfway will often appear less cozy and more inept.

If you don’t want to apply a certain style, try settling for a design that is less original, but still coherent. Remember that lacking a clear vision has the potential to create an amalgamation of incompatible furniture and decor.

How to apply colours and patterns

Much like choosing the right colour for your restaurant, selecting the proper palette for your salon is vital. Colours and patterns are vital for nail salon interior design, no matter the size. However, if you are opening a small salon, below are some tips on how to trick the eye so that it looks bigger:

  • Using the same colour for the walls, floor, and appliances will make them blend, thus optically widening the space.
  • Applying lighter shades will visually enlarge the space.
  • To make the area look higher, add vertical stripes to the design. Additionally, incorporating something that captures attention high will draw eyes upward.
  • Colour-coding your shelves will help them look tidier.
  • Luminous and transparent materials make whatever is behind them appear further away.
  • Furniture with legs creates a more open atmosphere than ones sitting on the ground.

Obtain the right equipment

Nail salon interior design, of course, has a huge part to play regarding the aesthetic. However, one must not forget that the salon’s equipment is also an important factor. Get the proper equipment that will complement your design for the salon. The following are the nail salon equipment that you should consider acquiring to complement your salon theme:

  • Pedicure chairs: When opening a nail salon, an important feature to consider is the type of pedicure chair you will use. Your customers’ experience should include comfortable chairs to sit in, so select recliners that are padded for additional comfort.
  • Manicure stations: A professional manicure station is another important element for your salon. This is where you will provide services to clients as well as yourself. Therefore, it is imperative that this space contains everything you need to ensure that everyone receives quick and efficient treatment.
  • Equipment sanitizers: Your equipment must always be clean and you need to sanitize it after every customer. Properly cleaning foot basins is mandatory every time someone uses them. This way, the next person will not get their feet dirty from whoever previously used them. The use of reusable metal instruments during sanitation will ensure no leftover germs.


With the best nail salon interior design, you will represent your business in the most successful way possible. The best way to approach your nail salon’s design is to think of it as an essential marketing tool doubling as a special place for your clients. If you need some assistance for your nail salon design project, feel free to contact our Toronto construction and design services. Additionally, if you want to learn more about revamping salons, check out our article on Ideas for Beauty Salon Renovations.