Our architectural design build services will help you conceptualize and design a building that holds true to your company and vision. Build It employs a dedicated team of architects who play an integral role in the construction process, blending artistry and design prowess through the lens of functional engineering. They see the big picture, and will help bring yours to life.

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What does an architect do?

When most people think of an architect, their mind often jumps to the image of big canvas pencil sketches, miniature models, and soaring design concepts. And while these are certainly important parts of the job, the true responsibilities of an architect range far beyond the visual design of a building. There’s a lot of technical considerations that go into an architect’s final plan, and all these details ultimately provide the guiding playbook for the entire construction team.

But it always starts with the “big idea”. What exactly is this building going to look like and represent? For an architect, this creative design exercise is bound by a number of technical limitations – everything from building codes to structural engineering requirements and plumbing must be considered. And of course, there’s no consideration more important than budget. The funds allotted for each project drastically impact the creative options an architect can consider, affecting everything from materials to labour options, which has a trickle-down effect on an architect’s design concepts.

BUILD IT keeps architects connected to construction.

Once construction begins, our BUILD IT architects remain closely connected to the project, advising contractors to ensure the final construction is aligned with the approved designs. This is often overseen by a project manager, who ensures all sides are in close communication throughout. Since BUILD IT is able to centralize these teams through our turnkey delivery model, our architects are able to collaborate more effectively – and creatively – with all our on-site teams. Our integrated approach to architectural design build can also help our clients save on budget, as hiring a third-party architectural firm can often come with a hefty price tag.  

What are the different types of architect?

While many architects are generalists who assume a broad range of responsibilities, there are a few subsets of architectural design build specialists who may be assigned to tackle individual aspects of a project – especially for larger, more complicated builds.

“Design architects” are the most commonly thought-of specialists when it comes to architectural services. They’re the ones who conceive the overarching look and feel of a building, and they’re in charge of translating a client’s vision into build-ready designs.

If design architects are responsible for the big picture, “technical architects” are the ones who iron out the finer details. This can include the creation of schematic drawings and technical documents that are used to guide on-site production, as they stay closely connected to the construction project management teams.

And then there’s the outdoors. “Landscape architects” bring the same creative vision and logistical expertise to external environments and how they interact with surrounding or connected structures. This role requires many of the same skill sets as a traditional architect, supplemented by expertise in fields like sustainability and water management.  

BUILD IT brings architecture to life.

Whatever scope or specialty your project requires, BUILD IT’s architectural design build specialists can help you conceptualize a design that holds true to your brand and purpose. Together, we’ll build something that consumers can’t ignore. 

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