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new complete hotel bedroom

Constructing a hotel means there are a wide variety of components to focus on. The design of the foyer, the layout of each floor, and the way the rooms look. Structurally speaking, designing a hotel room is easy to figure out. However, once the room is built, you now need to think about the interior design. Not knowing how to decorate a hotel room is a one-way ticket to low profits. Therefore, it’s vital that you know what to consider when planning it out.

Why is it important?

Make no mistake that the hotel industry can be cutthroat. Those with banal designs try and often fail to connect with guests who are seeking out more targeted options. Whether or not visitors know it, they prefer properties that match their aesthetics and objectives. Additionally, they want a hotel to meet their expectations of what such an establishment should be. The same can be said for the rooms they stay in.

Your hotel rooms – as well as your hotel in general – need to express a lot through its interior design. A well-designed space can:

  • Help distinguish you from the competition
  • Identify the types of guests you want to return to your hotel
  • Persuade planners to book events at your establishment
  • Bring attention to your hotel’s amenities and features
  • Convey the promises of your brand
  • Garner local community recognition

Decorate a hotel room through composition

The traditional bed-table-locker arrangement is no longer the only way to make a hotel room comfortable. Nowadays, guests want something a little more surprising and original. What better way to do that than with the furniture composition?

Some key ingredients for a stylish hotel include creative office arrangements for business travellers and visually appealing TV panels. An additional sofa to sit next to the bed wouldn’t hurt either. Moreover, there has been a surge of explosive colour palettes and a wide range of decor mixes. All of this can appeal to guests who want one-of-a-kind accommodations.

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Utilize colour psychology

When it comes to choosing the right colours, psychology plays a crucial role especially when you decorate a hotel room. Blue, green, and other cool colours stimulate a sense of relaxation and are great for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bits of yellow can spark conversation and are beneficial in areas for business and conversations. Purple promotes luxury and sophistication, especially when you pair it with greys or metallic hues.

Other important factors in colour psychology are shade and saturation. As a rule of thumb, light colours make rooms feel spacious and brighter. Dark colours provide a sense of closeness and sophistication. So, for a bright, welcoming room, incorporate light colours such as gold and cream. For something more intimate, try purples, burgundies, and greys.

Lighting a hotel room

Lighting is an underrated element that has practical, as well as aesthetic implications for guests. With the right lighting, visitors will feel at ease and refreshed. However, if the lighting is lacking in quality and thought, it can make the guests feel uncomfortable. In this sense, lightning is similar to colour psychology in that it’s an important part of decorating a hotel room.

Going green

When thinking about how to decorate a hotel room, sustainability should be part of that brainstorming session. It is a delicate subject for hotel owners who are trying to reduce short-term costs. However, being up to date is crucial and could create innovative ideas. Some green design trends that hotels incorporate include:

  • All-natural building materials
  • Huge windows to let in natural lighting
  • Green roofs and walls
  • Water faucets that operate electronically
  • The inclusion of recycling bins
  • Greywater recycling system
  • Food that is locally grown

Feels like home

Above all else, hotel rooms need to provide a sense of comfort. A feeling of home away from home. Coziness beats out a room that is overly luxurious, technology-friendly, and uniquely themed any day. Some additions to consider include curtains, carpets, components made out of wood, a fireplace, and a TV set.

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Decorate a hotel room with evolution in mind

The hotel industry is always changing, so it is imperative that hotel room designs adapt along with it. Moreover, they should reflect the trends of the time while simultaneously providing a sense of comfort for the guests. To learn more about design or if you need consultation for your project, contact us here BUILD IT’s contact info. Additionally, if you want to learn about what goes into building a hotel (more specifically, a boutique hotel), check out our previous article The Requirements of a Boutique Hotel Building.