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new interior dental clinic office

For creating new dental offices (and most other construction projects), deciding between remodelling and buildout is common. Despite how commonplace the former is, the latter is a popular route to take, too. A dental office buildout, though sometimes stressful, will ensure a sense of ease and lack of limitations. With an undertaking of this kind, you will want to hire the right builder and contractor for the job.

Why a dental office buildout?

Dental office remodelling may indeed be less work due to the foundation already existing. It is also less expensive and time-consuming. However, it has its limitations. The main one is the fact that you need to abide by the choices and proposals of other people. This is primarily why a lot of dentists and orthodontists would rather endure the headaches of a new dental office buildout. This way, you are working with your own plan rather than being restricted by another dentist’s rules.

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Different layouts

When it comes to dental office design and floor plans, you need to take the space into account. One of the most important parts of a dental office buildout is the arrangement of the delivery system. There are various options in how to set this system up, with three notable ones being:

  • Rear: The hand-pieces and all of the other instruments are placed behind the patient
  • Side: The hand-pieces and instruments reside under a counter off of a side wall
  • Over the patient: All hand-pieces and instruments are in front of the patient, meaning they can see them.

It is important to decide with configuration while doing the preliminary design or sketch of your office. It will help you determine the plumbing structure for the operatory. Once you make this decision – and the rest of the clinic is planned out – it is up to the builder and contractor to bring it to life.

Local or out of town?

It would be easy to employ a local builder and contractor, but some opt to seek services out of town. Doing so helps broaden the owner’s options for acquiring the right candidate with the proper qualifications and skills for the job.

More communication platforms are allowing more flexibility for communication between the design team and project owners. They can talk whenever they need to and there are no restrictions concerning business hours or traditional structures. With virtual meetings, more team members can participate and share up-to-date information. An exchange and execution of decisions can also happen in real-time. All in all, it offers better collaborations without any travel costs.

Architects typically designate a specific amount of time for site visits and observation at certain points in the project. In the grand scheme of things, architects don’t have to make daily site visits. That is unless special contractual provisions are made to provide additional services.

After all of this, deciding between local architectural talent or out-of-town talent is no longer the main question. Instead, it is determining who has the talent and skills necessary for your project. Additionally, whether or not you are comfortable with your candidates.

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It’s all about the experience

Imagine that you are commissioning a graphic designer to create a business card design for you or your business. For a project like this, you need a designer who has substantial experience working with Photoshop. This is no different from seeking out a builder or contractor who actually has experience in dental office construction.

Acquiring a builder and contractor you trust is beneficial. Getting one with experience in dental office construction and knows how to handle buildout allowance is even better.

Most builders and contractors that you choose from are proficient in dental office buildouts. They have years worth of experience in renovations and remodelling in their back pockets. This means they have worked for an array of clients. As such, they know what other dentists dislike and what does and doesn’t work. Therefore, if they give you advice that does not match your preferences, you should still listen. Moreover, it is important to ask them to elaborate on the decision they are suggesting or making.

Making a dental office build-out manageable

A project’s construction phase is comparatively more predictable than the development stages. However, that does not mean it is immune to potential delays and hardships. When these mishaps occur, you can easily navigate through them with a qualified builder and contractor by your side. To learn more or if you want a quote for your dental office buildout, don’t hesitate to contact us here BUILD IT’s contact info. Moreover, if you’re an Ontario resident looking to buy a dental practice, check out our article Cost of buying a dental practice in Ontario.