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The creative approach to pharmacy design has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years. Stepping away from their traditional department store model, pharmacies are rebranding their approach. They are instead investing in their most important features: health, wellness and service.

For starters, commercial construction can heavily influence the success of a retail business by manifesting a physical representation of their marketing objectives. Rather than investing in expensive technology and marketing campaigns, retail pharmacies have prioritized the creation of a more welcoming, health-oriented space for their customers. As a result of this, the latest pharmacy trends have revolved around the enhancement of interior design aesthetics. Specifically, ones that help promote their healthy message.

Brand Focus:

Throughout the past few decades, pharmacies have traditionally modeled their store designs after large department stores. They did so by carrying a variety of everything from cosmetics and personal care to vitamins, first aid and toiletries. These design models catered to the “one-stop-shop” mentality that has since decreased in popularity since the innovation of online shopping. Today, many of these department stores are rebranding into carefully-curated specialty stores to meet the needs of their modern consumers. For pharmacies, these needs no longer consist of low prices, discounted or bulk products. Rather, they focus on well-being, family, community, and local economic growth.

Pharmacy Design Decor:

Retail pharmacies are gradually moving away from their methods of the past. Much like a modern office building, pharmacies are evolving with the times. Because of this, their approach to décor and product display have undergone a lot of thoughtful planning as well. Instead of maintaining the industrial standard with harsh lighting and the traditional square-shaped metal shelves, modern retail pharmacies have adopted the organic approach by replacing these standards with a more inviting atmosphere through “natural, down-to-earth and holistic alternatives.” They are even applying plenty of care into their counter design.

Much like commercial construction, décor decisions should also reflect the attributes of their brand. Implementing natural materials such as wood, glass, or bamboo into product displays communicate an eco-conscious and health-oriented environment that customers can rely on and trust. Use of natural lighting, in-store greenery and softer furnishings also give off a friendly and comfortable vibe. Moreover, it strongly contribute to modern pharmacy values.

Spotted in the Wild:

One of BUILD IT by Design’s recent construction projects have opened their doors at 85 Church Street in Toronto! Wellth Pharmacy is a modern pharmacy and clinic that caters to the re-imagined experience of health and wellness. Equipped with a state of the art compounding lab and private consultation rooms, Wellth Pharmacy provides open concept-labs with glass viewing stations that allow their patients the transparency and inclusiveness they deserve.

“According to Reuben Barkin (Director of Operations)”, a lot of thought and planning has been put into transforming this former parking garage into a health-oriented retail space. With heavy insulation, soundproofing and high-end millwork, BUILD IT has transformed the space into a community-friendly health-hub. One that can accommodate educational seminars, workshops and private functions. Additionally, it can provide customizable healthcare. With a slogan like “Where Your Health is Measured in Health and Wellness”, this new pharmacy is the perfect archetype of the new wave of retail pharmacies to come.

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