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For commercial interiors, balancing functionality and visual appeal are the primary goals to achieve. The design of a pharmacy counter is no exception. Commercial drivers, product appeal, space, and arrangement are all important elements when designing for a pharmacy shop fit-out or renovation. Moreover, store appearance is important for more than just successful sales and product marketing. It is also key to retaining your patrons. Overall, a pharmacy counter design that is easy to navigate, as well as attractive, is what draws shoppers in.

The importance of space

Space and layout are essential in pharmacy contruction as well as pharmacy design. As such, they need careful consideration before their installation into the new counter. With every layout being different, what you are able to accommodate in a space will depend on its size. Likewise, it will depend on its shape. The designer is responsible for determining the most efficient way of outlining the pharmacy.

Smaller pharmacies with limited space in and surrounding the counter require thorough planning and assessment before moving forward with the interior design. The last thing customers want to be doing is fighting for space around the counter. For instance, what if the counter is too big in a pharmacy that is too small?

On the other hand, an undersized pharmacy counter design can come across as awkward. Additionally, it will under-utilize the display space for products, thus reducing the business’s bottom line.

Pharmacy counter design budget considerations

Working within a budget is a crucial component in the next phase of the design of your pharmacy’s counter. Specifically, when it comes to the amount your business is able to spend. When outlining your pharmacy counter design budget, here are some points to consider:

  • Return on investment (ROI). At what point will you see your money back?
  • Pharmacy turnover. Installing a lavish pharmacy counter is not necessary when your business finances cannot rationalize the investment.
  • Amount of products on display. Are there too many unprofitable products on display at your pharmacy counter? Additionally, is your counter severely under-stocked?
  • Does the entirety of the pharmacy counter need to be new? It is possible to integrate current pharmacy furniture into a new pharmacy counter design. This will save a substantial amount off your bottom line.

Future-proofing your counter

When it comes to longevity, you should design a pharmacy counter that will help your business adapt to what the future may bring. A new pharmacy counter can be quite pricey, as can new display racks, a display shelf, and store furniture. Painstaking research and taking the future of the pharmacy into account are critical. Not only is it important for short-term goals, but also the business’s future.

Utilize past and current data and follow market trends to evaluate how your pharmacy business may change later on. Afterwards, you must be ready for your modern pharmacy store to evolve alongside it.

Try incorporating these elements into your pharmacy counter design:

  • Extra cables, lines, and sockets for future technology installation.
  • Units that allow for the inclusion of additional display shelves.
  • Display areas within the pharmacy counter that can be heightened, widened or removed depending on product layout and specifications.
  • Store furniture that won’t become archaic, break or look decrepit after a short amount of time. Investing in quality store furniture now will be economical in the long run.

Remember that the key to a successful pharmacy counter is ensuring enough room for future growth and product expansion.

Devote time to your pharmacy counter design

For better or for worse, a pharmacy’s layout plays a huge role in the customer experience. Therefore, the design of the floor plan is vital in the construction of a new pharmacy. There are several considerations to keep in mind, the most important ones being the building code and local bylaws (ex. those for Calgary construction). While developing your floor plan, remember to put substantial thought into the pharmacy counter design.