Red Restaurant

Bar & Restaurants Construction Project

Brand: Roman Zaman Damascene Cuisine
Project location: 325 Central Pkwy W Unit 8, Mississauga, ON L5B 3X9 Canada (inside Parkways West Shopping Center)

Roman Zaman Damascene Cuisine is where you’ll be served in a glamorous Damascene ambiance with a Canadian elegant touch. As an ancient Civilized City, Damascus takes you into its magical history through its life elements such as fountains, majlises, handcrafted doors and chandeliers. This was a fun, exciting and, filled with custom work that included; wooden chairs and tables, antiques, crafted windows, planted Damascus trees (Jasmine, Naranj and Pomegranate trees), Arabic ceilings and domes, crystal and golden chandeliers that hang off the ceilings to magically capture the eyes.

Services provided: Full Service General Contractor / Construction Consultant / Facility Maintanance

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