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Every construction project requires time, money, resources, and commitment to see the project through to the end. Construction is a process, and it’s one that will evolve over time as plans are developed and work gets underway.

Since there are so many moving parts, many commercial developers invest in design build construction to simplify the entire development. Design build construction aligns all key stakeholders into one united, cohesive team. Altogether, this team focuses on building the best possible building for commercial clients everywhere.

Exacty what exactly is design build construction and how does it improve development on the job site? Let’s look into the details and provide some answers.

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What is the best description of design build construction

Design build construction is best described as a project delivery where all members of the construction team are united under one contract. This level of unity ensures the entire process aligns from ideation to pre-planning. Moreover, it extends all the way through to post-construction and inspection.

Unified workforce’s keep construction projects on schedule and on budget. There are many items in a construction or renovation checklist that must be followed to ensure a project is developed to the client’s specifications. The design build construction model is one of the best ways to keep all stakeholders agreed on the checklist and aligned on how best to deliver each of the requirements for the project.

What are the advantages of design build construction

One of the biggest benefits of design build construction is for the building owner or the commercial client. Since the contractors, the designers, the project managers, and all participating parties source under one contract, the owner is able to communicate with only one point of contact. It helps owners receive progress reports or request any changes to the plans. And they can do so without needing to commit so much of their time to overseeing the project.

This is one of the reasons so many business owners rely on companies like BUILD IT, which has access to some of the most talented tradespeople and construction experts in the industry. We act as your construction consultants as we simplify designs, budgets, and contracting so you, as the owner, can focus on more pressing needs for your business.

What is the design build construction process

The process works as follows. An owner puts out an RFP for a construction project and, should he or she decide on a design build construction process, that owner will hire an architect to create the grand vision. The architect is the single point of contact for the owner and is responsible for managing the client relationship. Any input or feedback from the owner is addressed by the architect. Afterwards, they pass on the information to the rest of the people involved in the project.

The architect is the lead person in the building design process. The architect will hire the labourers, contractors, designers, and project managers that will lead the development of the project. In some instances, each specialist has the option to hire subcontractors to outsource some of the work or to speed up the construction if changes requested by the owner will impact the intended delivery date.

In addition to passing information from the building owner onto the construction team, the architect will also share relevant information upward to the owner. The architect functions as a single point of contact for the owner and workers to keep the lines of communication open. Additionally, it keeps them focused. This system ensures there are no missteps throughout the development process. Furthermore, that all milestones reaches delivery on time and as they want it.

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Design selection criteria of a building

A Brunel University London researcher wrote a paper on Criteria for Selection of Design and Build Procurement Method. The paper presents the idea of a conceptual framework for construction procurement. Additionally, how flawed procurement methods can impact project performance throughout the entire development.

The procurement phase of a construction project is arguably the most important aspect of the development, after the planning stage. Contractors, designers, labourers, and all project specialists selected during the procurement process literally make or break a building’s construction schedule. Without a trustworthy architect or project manager to vet and qualify each specialist, owners must spend inordinate amounts of their own time attempting to hire the right people for the job.

Design build pre-construction services

That’s why the design build construction model is so important for commercial development. Owners can pass off the logistics and talent sourcing elements of the project to a qualified leader, and rely on that leader as the person to keep the owner informed on decisions that impact the work.

Companies like BUILD IT tap into networks of qualified and experienced construction leaders who specialize in architecture, civil engineering, and on-site supervision. Using any of the skilled experts in BUILD IT’s network can prove to be beneficial. With us, you no longer have to deal with the cumbersome burden of scouting and managing workers from the owner’s list of requirements. BUILD IT’s vetted experts are also experienced in the industry lingo. With this talent, they can easily communicate the requirements with the workers.

This ensures that all directions pass onto the appropriate people on the job site without confusion or miscommunication. It’s an excellent way to streamline the construction and ensure that the building’s development is on time and on budget. Moreover, that is to the highest quality.

Final thoughts

The design build construction model is one of the most efficient ways to develop a building from start to finish. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to overseers of a commercial project. For that reason, the design build construction process simplifies the communication down to one point of contact for the owner and workers. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed and focused on the end goal – developing a great building.

Looking for a construction partner for a turn-key solution? We can handle it from start to finish so you can focus on the growth of the brand.