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One of the best parts of interior design is the ability to recreate entire office spaces with new and interesting influences. Interior designers are, by trade, very creative people, and the profession always evolves as new trends emerge in the market. Interior design jobs can be completed by very small teams, or by large contracted crews that may even require subcontractors, depending on the size of the available space.
A good interior designer knows how to make efficient use of the space, especially in a retail environment. He or she will add a customized look and feel that tailors to the brand identity of the company, while also incorporating modern interior design trends that add a futuristic flare to the retail space.

What are some of the latest retail interior design trends? Let’s dive into that.

Open concept interior of a retail store

Fashion retail interior design Trends

When developing interior retail space for a brand, a good interior designer recognizes how to use the allotted space to get people to purchase products. The space should tell the brand story in a subtle yet compelling way, and make use of the items on display to motivate shoppers to complete a purchase.

It’s all part of a transformation that’s underway in the retail space. More emphasis is placed on the consumer browsing experience that was, in many ways, pioneered by Apple retail stores. People were encouraged to come inside, browse through the products, and educate themselves on what was available. Consequently, the consumer experience has enabled interior designers to redevelop retail spaces to improve product presentations and establish more open concept store layouts.

What is the future of retail stores

Retail has been undergoing a transformation for many years as the massive growth in online shopping introduced more options to would-be buyers. In fact, this trend was singled out by retail futurist and business advisor Doug Stephens who, in an interview with Retail Dive, described 2020 as “the end of the beginning of e-commerce.

Future of retail post-COVID-19

The other undeniable factor in 2020 is the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Retail was one of the hardest hit industries in the early days of the pandemic. The continuous social distancing rules in most markets are encouraging more shoppers to buy exclusively from online retail sites.

Experts say that covid will has accelerated the transformation that was already underway in the retail space. The expectation moving into 2021 is that the shopping experience will look very different on the other side of the pandemic.

Retail store layout design

The retail store layout design is the key to making effective use of the available space to improve the consumer experience and maximize revenue. A detailed store layout design allows the interior designer to make good use of the floor space so it’s easy to navigate when shoppers are browsing through products.

This 7 step guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively plan your retail space.

Beautiful Luxury shoe display

How retailers adapt to customer and technology trends

In light of the growth in online shopping; recreation of traditional retail experiences and the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, retailers must adapt to these trends to remain viable and competitive in business. Interior designers must also understand these new trends in detail so they can incorporate those trends into proposed interior designs.

Retail technology trends

Technology is always changing, which means forward thinking interior designers are also looking ahead to future retail technology trends. According to Forbes, virtual and augmented reality will influence the retail space in the years to come. From this, retailers anticipate the technology will enable more virtual shopping experiences. Furthermore, they hope that they will have the ability to virtually try on the merchandise in fashion retail stores.

Social distancing floor decals for retail businesses

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the retail experience is incorporating social distancing measures. These measures will remain part of the industry until well into 2021. Additionally, social distancing floor decals could become a permanent part of the retail experience.

You may recognize the social distancing stickers that line many retail floors. Interior designers will follow the social distancing guidelines by implanting these social distancing decals at the minimum 2 metres (6 feet) apart from each other. Doctors encourage businesses to follow these guidelines in an effort to help save lives.

Retail shop lighting design

Lighting is, and will remain a crucial part of the retail experience. Bright lighting welcomes shoppers into retail space, and encourages people to browse through products on display at a leisurely pace. This is a great 4 step guide on how to set up retail lighting.

Interior of a retail store

Mixed use retail space

Mixed-use retail space is on the rise in many urban centres. For example, the city of Toronto is building new condo towers with retail space built into the lower floors of the developments, such as the recently developed West Block near the Toronto waterfront.

Demographic changes and greater appeal for urban living means fewer people are migrating out of the cities towards the suburbs. Interior designers encounter a challenge when building a fully functional retail experience. They need to do so in a finite amount of space at the bottom of a condo tower. In doing so, shoppers access the products they need and retailers achieve larger sources of revenue.

Retail design strategies

To ensure all of these trends are applied to your next project, consider hiring interior design professionals who work hand in hand with builders and contractors to develop retail spaces that optimize the shopping experience for maximum potential revenue.

When you partner with the right professionals, you’ll combine interior design, project management, and construction expertise into one efficient development. This is the best way to ensure your retail store utilizes the available space in the most effective way.

Retail interior design agency

BUILD IT is your answer to a proven retail interior design agency that streamlines the entire process. Moreover, we do so with integrated collaborations between designers, labourers, and project managers. We’re a turnkey design build contractor & construction service provider that simplifies the retail interior design process, allowing you to arrive at your big vision through a single point of contact.

Great projects require constructive thinkers and that’s what we provide at BUILD IT. If you’re ready to make your next renovation or are looking for a commercial general contractors in calgary remember, contact our team and we’ll connect you with interior designers who embrace the trends and deliver results.