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There are key players in every construction project. The go-to individuals in most conversations concerning construction are general contractors, project managers, and of course, the workers. They are important, no doubt, but another figure that ensures the success of a project is the construction consultant. Asking “what do construction consultants do?” may seem pointless because their job title implies their role. They provide consultation to the project, right? Yes, they do, but they actually have other responsibilities besides that.

The basic role of construction consultants

A construction consultant is someone who assesses structural issues and provides insight. These individuals are knowledgeable about construction and have skills in engineering or another similar field. They generally have years of construction experience under their belt and are proficient with all facets of the construction trade. A majority of construction consultants work for consulting firms, but some also work for legal firms. Additionally, they work for government agencies or sometimes as individual contractors.

The significance of a consultant in a project’s early stages cannot be ignored because serious errors could potentially occur. Let’s assume that the site is purchased for building construction, but soil analysis determines the site to be unsuitable for the project. Moreover, it requires a specific type of foundation. In this scenario, the money going towards a special foundation could otherwise be easy to retain. That is if the hiring of a consultant takes place before buying the site.

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Important duties

Construction consultants are responsible for a variety of things. Some will assist companies in the completion of administrative tasks by making sure everything operates smoothly and efficiently. That way, the managers and the site owner can focus on other business matters. Furthermore, a construction consultant may be responsible for making sure that the project remains on budget. They will have to deal with any problems that might transpire. In this sense, they may act as an in-between entity for the site owner and the construction team.

Consultation services

Just as the name suggests, construction consultants provide consultation services to the project. Generally speaking, consultation is when an individual needs a second opinion from an expert regarding a dilemma. The amount of time to resolve the issue will often vary depending on how critical the problem is. The consultation period will either be quite brief or be extensive. In addition, if the issue is troubling enough, it may require considerable travel to the construction site.


Another job that a construction consultant usually has is project planning. The company provides assistance in structural design and helps to foresee any potential issues. A consultant can develop an adaptable plan in the event of something going wrong. They would also be able to collaborate with various crews to create a practical timeline to complete the project.

Consultants may be brought on board to aid in estimating the costs. They will give site owners a rough – but still realistic – idea of what their plans will cost them. Such analyses will be present in a thorough report, listing each expense and what they will likely need to pay.

Problem inspection

Construction consultants are in charge of examining a problem in the field. This process will normally involve making calculations to determine the solution. Moreover, consultants may need to visit the construction site and inspect both the structure and the equipment. Additionally, consultants must closely review the reports and investigations that the client’s management and engineers put together.


Forensic work is another job that a construction consultant might need to perform. In the context of construction, it is essentially identifying the failure of a building. The primary issue could be something small and easy to fix, like a weak portion of the floorboards. Alternatively, it could be something major, such as the structure completely falling apart. Construction consultants will come in to inform the clients about where and why the building failed. Moreover, they will explain the steps they need to take to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

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Final thoughts on what construction consultants do

No construction project should be without a consultant. They assist in an array of tasks and ensure a smooth construction process that will bring your project to life. If you have any questions or comments, contact us here BUILD IT’s contact info. Plus, if you want to learn about facility maintenance services, check out our articles, The Importance of FMS Facility Maintenance Services and Hard vs. Soft Facilities Management: The Differences.