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It is difficult to deny that Vancouver is among the most artistic cities in Canada. It serves as a popular filming location for various movie productions and houses a thriving community in art, music, and theatre. With beautiful mountains surrounding the city, those with a penchant for art are understandably drawn to this location. With this in mind, it is no wonder that there are an array of skillful interior designers in Vancouver.

Ideally, your house should reflect who you are as a person and what your lifestyle is. This house you live in – your home – should look the best it can. That said, as a Vancouver resident, you should not be afraid to take interior design to the next level. And you can accomplish this with these Vancouver interior design companies who are always trying to reinvent house goals and – if their services offer it – modern retail design trends.

Zwada Home Interiors & Design

Founded in 2007 by Kyo Sada and Don Zwarych, Zwada Home Interiors & Design is a residential design studio residing in downtown Vancouver. Their work specializes in designing their clients’ houses – both local and international – and furnishing them. Moreover, they abide by their customers’ demands and consistently pay close attention to detail.

They provide extensive interior planning and consultation services on top of millwork, custom furniture, and soft furnishings. This particular company assists with various projects. It could be offering advice on decorating and furnishing or even intricate plotting and installation consultation for residential projects.

Shift Interiors

By utilizing simple line designs and prioritizing noble materials, Shift Interiors is one of the best interior designers in Vancouver. Since 2009, the company has dedicated its skills to an array of projects, including residential and commercial. These projects range from simple apartments to larger family houses.

They function as a full-service interior design studio and specialize in private residential, such as condos and townhouses. They also work with family homes and boutique commercial spaces. The team provides professional services and personal insight to design interiors and build a rapport with both commercial and residential clients. This also includes the contractors, architects, and tradespeople they collaborate with.

Jakobsen Associates

Jakobsen Associates is a design studio with proficiency in customizing and remodelling interiors and various types of homes. The scope of these projects ranges from cheaper small houses to multi-million dollar houses and renovations. They work with small houses that are seeking something less expensive and also luxurious houses requiring other services.

The company’s strong point is its attention to detail and the team’s overall enthusiasm towards bringing each project to life. Additionally, it has the benefit of having an admirable history in using green technology and incorporating sustainable designs.

Chrissy & CO

Seen as one of the best interior designers in Vancouver, this company creates spaces that respect the balance of the masculine and the feminine, the traditional and the modern. Through this method, they can convey a versatile story. This design studio operates with a luxurious and classic modern style and has experience in both commercial and residential projects. They boast a commendable ability to make any design project concept a reality thanks to the team’s knowledge and organization.

Form Collective

This company was founded in 2010 by a trio of individuals and is dedicated to exciting projects in the city. Be it residential or commercial, this team behind Form Collective has proven the plausibility of designing a brand new space.

The company’s process follows six steps: define, design, refine, review, implement, and manage. After collaborating with the client, the plans are set in stone, skillful team members will help with budgetary concerns. Afterwards, during construction, onsite general contractor consultations and periodic site visits will ensure that design work proceeds accordingly. Similarly, they will oversee furniture delivery and placement if necessary.

Many interior designers in Vancouver to choose from

There are a wide variety of interior designers in Vancouver to hire for your project. The ones mentioned here are some of the best ones, but there are so many others to choose from. Whichever you employ, you can guarantee unique artistic designs and proficient workers who will bring those designs to life.

For design consultation and to learn about BUILD IT’s interior design services, contact our Mississauga construction location. Also, if you want to learn about subcontractors in relation to interior designers, read Can An Interior Designer Hire Subcontractors.