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First impressions are crucial in the restaurant industry. After your establishment has been open for a while, some things may grow to be stale. While the specific revisions necessary are difficult to pinpoint, the change you need is sometimes the physical space itself. To remove the old and irrelevant, restaurant renovation is the best route to take for reinvention. Doing this will also enhance what makes the restaurant wonderful in the first place.

Renovating a restaurant is an undertaking that should not be taken lightly. There are an array of factors one must keep in mind when diving into such a project. The costs, the layout, and overall design are components that could make or break the renovation.

Restaurant renovation costs

A majority of restaurant renovation costs usually go to the back-of-house costs, which is basically the commercial kitchen. Evidently, commercial kitchen costs will be rather high. 

During the planning phase, there are certain costs that one must take into consideration. For starters, there are electrical, plumbing, and gas connections. Moreover, the installation of refrigerators, as well as commercial-grade gas ranges and freezers. Failing to make the proper arrangements for these costs will result in your budget gradually being eaten away. It will effectively disrupt your renovation plans and timeline for parts of the restaurant.

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After pinpointing the back-of-house costs, it is time to determine how much should go towards the front-of-house restaurant design. This covers both the interiors and exterior. These particular costs largely depend on the aesthetic you are using, your space’s overall size, and the extent of your design job. Let’s say that all you have to do is give the walls a new paint job. In this case, your cost will differ vastly from wall removal, applying new flooring, and constructing a bar area.


Logistics are vital in restaurant renovation and must be considered. For patrons, you should think about the following:

  • Are your guests easily entering and exiting the building?
  • Are entrances, exits, and restrooms identifiable and easy for your customers to find?
  • Does the table arrangement allow your clientele to easily maneuver around the restaurant?
  • Do you have the necessary chairs and table space to completely fill your space during busy hours?
  • Are there proper accessories readily available to make your building accessible for all?

For your servers, you must address similar needs:

  • Is there a systematic food-prep station in place for finishing touches?
  • Do the kitchens have sanitary stations for your employees to wash their hands at?
  • Are the employees able to quickly and easily access ready-to-serve food?
  • Is the proper equipment installed to make food preparation, cooking, and cleaning easy?
  • Do your servers have a break area that is out of view of the patrons?

Functionality and design

The restaurant industry is cutthroat. To survive, your establishment needs to stand out from the competition. Along with ensuring the vision and functionality of your business, you need to make sure that the ambiance also matches those two factors.

Every restaurant renovation project needs a plan for interior design. It is imperative that the plan cover various aspects of the interior and decor. These include the colour theme, lighting, type of furniture and its arrangement, and wall density (i.e. sound control). Additionally, it must cover how they relate to restaurant operations.

No matter what you choose for your design aesthetic, it must allow for smooth restaurant operations and functionality. The aisles should be easy for servers to navigate through in order to deliver food and drinks to guests. Moreover, the bathrooms should be easy to find and every table should be sturdy and match the aesthetic.

If you want suggestions for restaurant aesthetics and decor, read Aesthetic and Decor Ideas for Restaurants.

Exterior modifications

If a restaurant isn’t visually appealing, people will avoid it. Likewise, if your business has a somewhat out-of-date exterior appearance, this could further deter potential guests. Customers nowadays want to go to dining establishments with a fresh atmosphere and presentation. Put simply, they want something eye-catching.

Examine your restaurant’s outsides for structural damage, including the walkways and any other part of the building. Employ a landscaping company to deal with any overgrown foliage. Most businesses with attractive signage and on-brand exterior decor will capture the attention of patrons. It doesn’t matter if they are familiar with the restaurant or not; their curiosity has been piqued.

Proper planning equals successful restaurant renovation

By setting the right objectives and collaborating with the right people, the benefits of renovating your restaurant will be yours to reap. If you have any questions or comments, contact us here BUILD IT’s contact info.

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