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From time to time, a restaurant’s design and décor might lose its fresh, new vibe and look tired and outdated. Giving it a facelift is a good idea, but not before reviewing the restaurant renovation costs involved. This, as well as other helpful pointers below, will help you succeed in renovating your restaurant.

1. Ready to Remodel?

What’s trendy today is gone tomorrow, so knowing in advance that you want to renovate your restaurants gives you a head start in planning. Experienced restaurateurs reckon a facelift every five to seven years in order to stay current and relevant. It’s also prudent and necessary to consider the financial standing of your company. Furthermore, if a renovation would fit your long-term goals.

2. Plan: Costs for Renovating your Restaurant

If your restaurant is approaching the suggested time range and all the other factors point to the need of a refurbishment, start with budgeting. Renovation costs differ from one place to another and are dependent on factors like venue size, choice of materials, interior design, equipment upgrades, and labour. Moreover, it is important that one takes the renovation cost per square foot into account.

If you want to learn about the cost differences between renovation and construction, check out our article Cost of Renovation vs. New Construction Commercial.

3. Plan: Design concept

Analyze the demographics of your clientele and tailor the design and décor to it. Besides the food offered, age group and profession are two factors to be considered. For example, if the majority of your patrons are businessmen and women in suits, changing your décor to a funky child-like theme won’t be the best decision. Look at magazines and start collecting pictures of what inspire you. Additionally, listen to what your customers have to say about the current state of your restaurant.

4. Find the Right Contractor for Renovating Your Restaurant

Keeping your budget for the restaurant renovation costs in mind, finding the right contractors is the next step. Look for reviews online, request for pictures of similar projects the company have done in the past, and consider their estimated time of completion. Sit down with your contractor and discuss everything from your objectives and expectations, what you’re willing to set aside for the costs, and how long you can afford to shut down your business to facilitate the facelift.

Be aware of the timeline to renovate a restaurant and be present during the renovation period so you can communicate with your contractors. This would keep you up-to-date, minimizing the hiccups that are expected when operating a changed restaurant. Don’t forget to keep your customers informed about your plans so they look forward to dining at your newly renovated restaurant!

For project consultation or general contractor services, don’t hesitate to contact our Mississauga construction services.