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When opening a new restaurant, you need to make sure that you maintain a steady clientele. Nowadays, you need more than just good food to impress customers. Well-informed customers are searching for restaurants that can offer them a memorable dining experience, now more than ever. One way restaurateurs can fulfil this demand is by implementing some of the hottest restaurant design trends of 2016 listed below.

1. Concept

One of the hottest restaurant design trends of 2016 will be conceptual restaurants. Creating a creative design concept helps set a restaurant apart from all the rest — think about German-inspired beer halls as opposed to a regular pub offering beers on tap. Aim to give patrons a distinct experience from the moment they step into the restaurant up to the moment they leave. With the menu and target market in mind, you want to give your restaurant a concept — a story — that evokes feelings, looks visually charming and leaves a great impression to follow through with this trend.

2. The value in product design

As concept restaurants gain momentum, investing in attractive products and furniture for to enhance a restaurant’s aesthetics will follow suit. Restaurateurs could start by opting for unique hanging lamps, decorous plate and cutlery sets or edgy-chic chairs and tables. With a play of product design, you can package your choice of concept quite nicely. For example, Scandinavian furniture pieces exude a sophisticated ambient while retro ones teeter towards a playful, casual vibe.

3. Art-consciousness

In addition to product designs, restaurant owners are becoming more generous in adding a dose of art into their businesses. Next up on the list of the hottest restaurant design trends of 2016 is infusing art into design. Don’t hesitate in choosing a bold artwork or commissioning an artist to do an eye-catching mural on the walls. In fact, the more striking it is, the more likely your restaurant becomes a topic of conversation or even better, a photo op for social media.

4. Colour punch

With a design concept figured out, one of the next steps would be to pick a colour scheme. Choosing the right colour for your restaurant is vital, so pick a palette that would help bring the design elements into cohesion. You want everything in your restaurant from upholstery, draperies to flooring, to be in harmony. Draw up swatches of four colours before you start selecting furniture, wallpaper and other attributes of the restaurant. Take the plunge and go with contrasting colours!

5. Visible kitchen

This year, some restaurants might see the subtle merging of their front and back of house. An exposed kitchen becomes an entertainment factor and a way to show customers their food is made fresh before their eyes.

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