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restaurant construction do's and don'ts checklist

If you’re considering opening a Canadian restaurant, you may wonder what to expect for the design and construction process. Here are some tips on ensuring your restaurant construction meets all your needs to meet its potential as a successful business venture.

Do plan the budget first

While it may seem like an unnecessary step in the project planning process, there are many good reasons why creating and sticking with a reasonable budget as part of every construction project will benefit both owner and contractor greatly.

Don’t work with a shoddy contractor

Regarding restaurant construction, you want to ensure your contractor is a professional. A professional Canadian contractor can help you through your project with a realistic timeline and budget.

Do Check out the competition

To be successful, it’s essential to check out your competition. Research the coffee shop down the street if you’re opening a coffee shop. See what makes them unique and what they’re doing well. Ask for advice from other people in the industry – you should be able to find some professionals who have experience working at different restaurants or cafes.
Find out if their customers like them because of their excellent service or low prices. It could be both! And if it is both, think about how you can get that same level of service while still offering lower prices than most other places in town (if possible).

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Don’t forget to include all the costs in your budget

Before starting your restaurant construction project, you must ensure that your restaurant’s total cost is included in your budget. This consists of materials, labor, equipment, and other expenses. If you don’t do this step, there’s a good chance that money will be spent without forethought about where it’s being spent or why it is necessary.

Do find a theme and stick to it

Many factors go into the design of a restaurant and its interior decorating, but one of the biggest is finding a theme or style to incorporate into the design process. A well-designed restaurant needs to be cohesive, with every element—from signage to uniforms—working together. This is especially true if you’re creating an original brand that reflects who you are as an organization and how your customers will experience dining at your establishment.

A perfect example of this is demonstrated at Starbucks Coffee Company locations around the world: each site has its unique look, but all share common elements such as color palette choices, flooring types/patterns/materials used throughout various areas within each store (elevator floors versus bathrooms versus seating areas), artwork placement opportunities etc.

Do bring in experts for specialty areas like electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems

When it comes to the construction of your restaurant, it’s essential to have a handle on the basics to prevent confusion and delays. For example, if you’re building a new restaurant from scratch, you should understand the steps involved in obtaining permits and getting approval from local building inspectors.

If you’ve chosen a location where there is already an existing structure—like a remodeling project—you’ll need someone that knows what needs to be done with regards to electricity wiring (and if anything needs changing), plumbing systems (are they sufficient?) heating/cooling units (are they adequate?).

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Don’t only have one seating arrangement

· It would help if you created several seating areas for different types of customers, such as couples, families, and large groups.
· If you’re building a restaurant serving takeout orders, one place might be designated for people waiting for their food to be brought.

Don’t plan on getting a restaurant up and running in a short time frame

Ensure you’ve got enough time on your hands. Like anything, a restaurant takes time and planning. You want to take your time with the process and end up with something that ends up costing even more money in the long run. The kitchen is the heart of your business, so you must get it right from day one.
It may take several months for your restaurant to come together, depending on how much renovation work needs to be done and what kind of equipment you’re looking at buying or leasing.


This article has helped give you some tips on constructing your restaurant project. Remember that there will be many decisions that need to be made along the way, and it is essential that you plan carefully before starting any construction work.