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So, you’re opening a new restaurant. That’s great! However, whether it is a small restaurant or a big, extravagant establishment, one challenge presents itself during the development process: giving it a name. Choosing the right name for your restaurant is a fun yet challenging experience. The task, seemingly straightforward, could actually be daunting. Here are five simple tips that could serve as your guideline when choosing a creative moniker.

1. A thematic name

One way to identify your restaurant is by looking at the cuisine served and/or the overall theme. Take Mucho Burrito or Wild Wing for example. Not only do the names reveal the kind of food they serve, but they are also easy to remember. This is one strategy to get your customers to associate the specific cuisine or dish to your restaurant name as much as possible, so when they do crave for a certain kind of food, it’s your establishment that comes to mind.

2. Location, location, location

Choosing the right name for your restaurant can be as simple as naming it after its location, especially if you are located within a famous or historic area. By leveraging the well-known street name or district, you are making it easy for your customers to remember your location.

3. Get personal with your restaurant name

Sometimes you don’t need to look further than your name, or a loved one’s when choosing the right title for your establishment. Kupfert and Kim for instance, is named after Mark Kupfert, who partnered with his friend Daniel Suss. The name “Kim” comes from the third partner in the business and Suss’ wife Ji-Hae Kim. It’s unique, personal and catchy.

4. Stand out

Speaking of unique, establish your brand name by being different from other restaurants. If you’re serving fried chicken, calling your restaurant Toronto Fried Chicken might not be the wisest move given the label is similar to an existing chain restaurant. Not to mention there might be legal implications if your restaurant name plays off an exiting business.

5. An appropriate restaurant name for the target audience

Even the catchiest and wittiest restaurant name can be a bad name if it doesn’t appeal to the right target market. If your restaurant aims to serve working professionals in the business district, you wouldn’t want to name it “Kiddie Land”. On the flipside, if you’re operating a family diner, then names that insinuate alcoholic drinks or loud music like “Social Club” would not be appropriate.

Whether you’re going with a thematic, personal or location-inspired name, the bottom line is to pick a name that’s catchy, easy-to-remember and perhaps even pun-based. Your restaurant success can hinge on the right name!

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