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Commercial property developments are typically large, often multi-year commitments that property owners and construction companies commit sizable time, budgets, and resources to develop. On the other side […]

of the development scale is commercial property remodelling or renovations, which improve on existing developments with new additions or designs.

Commercial property remodelling is a commitment in itself, and it requires just as much planning and organization as a new commercial development. In fact, we have a commercial renovation checklist that highlights all of the steps involved in any office renovation, and many of those same steps can be applied to remodelling jobs for all commercial properties.

So what can you expect for your next commercial remodelling job? What are some of the things you should prepare for? Moreover, how can you ensure a smooth project that will reach completion on time and on budget? Here are a few guidelines to help you get underway.

What is commercial property remodelling?

Before we start diving into the process, let’s take a minute to define exactly what is commercial remodelling. On top of that, let’s see how it differs from commercial renovations. While the two terms are often interchangeable, there is one distinct difference to separate the two.

A commercial renovation is, by and large, a restoration of a previously existing environment. For example, an older building going through noticeable wear and tear over several years can undergo redevelopment through a commercial renovation project.

On the other hand, commercial remodelling involves remaking a space and transforming it into something new. Suppose an office environment was leased to one tenant whose term on the agreement is up, and a new tenant prepares to move in. They may request a remodelling of the existing workspace to have the environment more closely associated with their brand.

As you can see, there is a distinction between the two.

How to remodel a commercial building

Sometimes, there are telltale signs for when to remodel a commercial building. When those signs are unavoidable, you need to prepare your entire team to get to work.

Gather the information

Suppose the remodelling occurs on a different site than where the previous building was located. If that’s the case, there’s a lot of pre-planning work that goes into the development.

You need to survey the site and conduct environmental tests of the soil to ensure there are no health risks to the future occupants of the building. You’ll also want to take assessment of nearby utilities and whether any additional work is necessary to hook them up to the building.


Part of the site survey requirements is to establish the plan for the foundation. You’ll want to calculate how much space there needs to be to lay the foundation. Afterwards, you can start planning for how to acquire all of the materials you’ll need to create the foundation.

Hire the crew

Once you’re ready to acquire materials, you’re ready to hire the professionals to oversee the development. You’ll want to find experienced architects, interior designers, labourers, supervisors, and a master project manager to ensure the project runs smoothly.

We recommend working with companies that have networks of talented professionals who can help streamline the entire remodelling process and ensure the final deliverables are on time, on budget, and meet the highest quality.

Simple commercial building designs

Sometimes, you realize that a remodelling project needs to get underway. But there’s some kind of mental block that prevents you from visualizing how the building will look when it’s complete.

Are you in this situation? If so, these sample commercial building designs should help get the creative juices flowing. That way, you can finally get your next major remodelling job underway.

Commercial building construction cost per square foot

In any construction project, costs are one of the most important aspects of the plans. You need to make sure that all of the labour, materials, machinery, overtime, and any miscellaneous expenses are present in the master project budget.

In addition to all of those costs, you’ll want to calculate the average commercial construction cost per square foot of the building. You can tally up the total cost for the remodelling job and calculate the cost per square foot as part of your commitment to keep the project on budget.

New build vs. commercial property remodeling

Creating a building from scratch carries many costs as well as significant benefits for the owner. There are just as many pros and cons to a remodelling project as there are to net new construction, and there’s a great guide on Forbes summarizing those pros and cons to help you determine which course of action is the right fit for you.

In most cases, remodelling projects can be done faster and cheaper than net new construction. However, new buildings allow building owners to develop their ideal vision rather than working within an existing space. It’s up to you to determine what’s most important for your commercial needs as you develop your ideal environment.

Sustainability in construction

How one defines construction sustainability varies by location and regulations. Typically, it’s a term defined as using materials and processes that are environmentally friendly and resource efficient. It will allow the building to stand as a low to zero carbon emission structure in whatever urban space you choose.

Environmentally friendly buildings

The constructions of environmentally friendly buildings use resources and materials that are as eco-friendly as possible. Some of the most environmentally friendly buildings on the planet are marvels of modern design that are home to some of the biggest companies in the world.

Environmentally friendly building materials

Environmentally friendly building materials can hold up against the elements and severe weather patterns stemming from climate change. The structural integrity of many buildings is established using materials like bamboo, recycled wood, metal, and more materials that are environmentally friendly and healthy for the surrounding area.

Have a project in mind?

If you have a remodelling job on the calendar and need help getting underway, consider partnering with BUILD IT. With us, you can get the wheels in motion. Our mission is to build to higher standards, and we have clients in retail, restaurants, and commercial office towers whose locations were all developed by our network of expert specialists. We only work with the best so that you can get the remodelling job you deserve.

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