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Picture this: You’re sweating, your heart is racing, and the tick-tock of the clock is taunting you. It’s absolute chaos in your restaurant’s kitchen and you have a dining room full of hungry guests to satisfy. It’s go time – your new restaurant is now open and you need to provide your guests with impeccable service to ensure that they are not only delighted, but that they keep coming back for more. The key to achieving this is through not just interior design, but also kitchen organization.

Do you want to provide the best possible brand experience? Then it is crucial that you put the highest level of importance into the core of your restaurants’ success. That being your shiny new kitchen.

Kitchen organization and what you need to know

At BUILD IT we strongly believe that a successfully designed and well-organized restaurant kitchen leads to a well-organized, beautiful display of service outside of the kitchen. Frankly, no manager, chef or line cook enjoys creating a loud mess while searching for tools and/or bumping into other kitchen staff while simultaneously playing hopscotch through a labyrinth of miscellaneous supplies. And it’s your job as a restaurateur to ensure that they don’t have to.

Throughout the crucial planning of your commercial kitchen, your secret weapon will come down to optimizing your kitchen to facilitate quick service in a clean and healthy environment. With a few of the following organizational tips, you will soon be able to isolate any “kitchen heat” to that of your sizzling food:

1. Know your work station:

Kitchen organization requires categorization of sorts. Organizing your kitchen into specific workstations will enable you to maximize space and promote better efficiency. With a designated home for everything, you will not only be able to eliminate clutter in high traffic areas but you will know exactly where to find everything you need. Be conscious of convenience and efficiency and store like-minded tools nearby. For example, your fryer station will be often put to use by foods that require freezing. Therefore, placing the fryer close to your freezer would be a great start in providing ease of productivity.

2. Eliminate counter clutter to boost kitchen organization:

A true chef will understand that excessive counter clutter with too many task-specific gadgets is not the way to go. Put logical effort into your tool selection process and understand how each tool can provide various techniques.

3. Build upwards to optimize your space:

When planning for your kitchen layout, keep in mind that you have much more to work with than just the space on the floor. Build spaces for storage and organization right up towards the ceiling to take advantage of the most amount of space. This is especially useful for those smaller sized kitchens! A few examples might be to stack shelves for specific items on top of one another, or installing magnetic strips to the wall to help store smaller items like knives or spices.

Creating a workspace that is well-organized and functional under pressure will satisfy any OCD-driven restaurateur. Moreover, it will create a positive space for even the busiest of days. Look out for ways to continuously improvise your needs and your kitchen warriors will surely retire home just as happy as your satisfied guests. By focusing on kitchen organization, your establishment – whether it be a big or small restaurant – is sure to succeed.

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