At BUILD IT, we do everything we can to provide complete construction industry solutions that make things as easy as possible for all parties. We deliver on this promise by centralizing the work process with our fully integrated workforce of consulting, design, trade and contracting experts – meaning everyone you need to get the job done is all working together on the same team.

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  • One of our biggest specialties is crafting exciting dining environments that feed into your flavours. From five-star kitchens to global QSR brands, we’ve helped all kinds of restaurants build incredible spaces. Learn More

  • Leading brands use their retail locations to tell a bigger story that goes way beyond the products on the shelf – and Build It can help you craft a truly engaging customer experience.

  • It makes a big difference when your team loves the space where they work. We can help you design and construct an office that reflects your company’s bigger mission.

  • The beauty industry has naturally high design standards, and we’ll make sure your space reflects the creativity of your craft.

  • It’s always inspiring to create learning + development environments for kids. From child-safe design standards to permit acquisitions, we’ll help you navigate every step of the process.

  • A thoughtfully designed dental office is equally beneficial for patients and practitioners alike. We’ll help you create an environment that’s worth smiling about.

  • The best hotels are so much more than a place to drop your bags and sleep at night. Build It uses experience-driven design principles to create hotels that guests won’t want to leave.

  • A healthy environment inspires healthy living. We can create modern medical office designs that comfort patients and move away from the cold & faceless doctor’s offices of yesterday.

  • Temperature-controlled facilities are a critical link in the food production chain, and you’ll want to make sure yours is adequately designed to store, protect, and ship your inventory. From freezer + fridge systems to specialized HVAC systems and cold-proof flooring, we’ll make sure your cold storage facility is built to last.

  • The auto industry is constantly evolving, and so are the kinds of dealerships that modern consumers want and expect when hunting for their next ride. Whether you’re planning for a big lot or a smaller dealership, we’ll help you find the right location, design, and customer experience.

  • A well-oiled factory keeps workers safe and production rolling. These structurally sophisticated builds require detailed planning to handle all the machinery, teams, and work flows that your operation requires – and BUILDIT can help you navigate every step. Learn more about Factories

  • Pharmaceutical plant design + construction requires a high degree of planning and rigorous safety protocols to meet regulatory standards.

  • A great warehouse not only provides adequate storage for your inventory, it also maximizes your operational efficiency through intelligent design.