Embracing the fresh and healthy flavours of the Middle East, Paramount Fine Foods shares the most authentic and exotic recipes which have been passed down for generations.

Serving baked pita straight from wood-burning ovens, charcoal barbeque Halal meats, chicken and beef shawarma, various flat-bread style dishes, and fresh baklava handmade daily provide guests with a culinary experience that will not be forgotten.

The Paramount Fine Foods experience is designed to go beyond great flavours and recipes. With delicate lighting and chandeliers, wall surface waterfalls, rich colour palettes, traditional music, and warm welcoming staff.

Due to the increased demand for Paramount Fine Food locations across Toronto, Southern Ontario and Canada wide BUILD IT By Design has provided and implemented a comprehensive turnkey solution to handle all of their construction needs which allowed the Paramount Fine Foods team to focus on growth and, brand. The solution included site selection, architectural, mechanical drawings, ordering, the supply of all fixtures, millwork, construction, closeout documents, hand over and, maintenance.

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