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January 12, 2022

For a lot of people, small apartments are quite appealing. The rent is lower, they are usually close to active downtown areas, and they possess a cozy charm. However, to achieve this level of comfort, you need to decorate it in a specific way. There are several ways to do this, such as applying the right colour palettes and textures. Another way to ensure a solid apartment environment lies with the furniture. As such, you need small apartment furniture ideas to get you started.

Arranging the layout of your living space can feel like a full-time job. This is especially true for spaces that are quite small. Moreover, it raises an array of questions. How much furniture should you purchase? Is the space too messy? Or is it too empty? In this article, we will go over some helpful tips regarding small apartment furniture.

Dos and Don’ts of small apartment furniture

Furniture arrangement in a tiny apartment is what makes or breaks the space. This is because furniture frequently consumes space. Here are a few dos to remember when planning your furniture layout:

  • Utilize dual-purpose furniture pieces (more on this later).
  • Create a layout that is open by placing large furniture up against the wall. Even if this is sometimes considered poor interior design, it will make the space feel more open.
  • Consider expandable/stackable tables that you can tuck away when not in use.
  • Try customizing your furniture for smaller proportions. Furniture pieces readily available in the market often have standard dimensions.

Here are some don’ts:

  • Avoid blocking pathways and walkways with furniture and accessories. It could create a congested layout.
  • Try not to put all your belongings on display, especially if you own a lot of stuff. Either declutter or formulate an organizing system to stash them away and create a clean interior.

Defining separate areas

Initially, open concept living may seem ideal when it comes to furnishing a small apartment. With that said, this can prove to be overwhelming. In fact, as time passes, a lack of space definition can make things appear messy.

Do what you can to effectively define separate areas and give every single area in your apartment a purpose. Complete your entranceway by including a rack for coats and shoes by the door. Consider placing a buffet between the kitchen and dining area for additional storage. Doing this will also simplify serving. To draw attention to your living area, move your sofa to the foot of your bed.

Invest in double-duty furniture

Every inch in a small apartment holds importance. Make the most of the available space by incorporating dual-purpose furniture. Concentrate on purchasing furniture that will work with you instead of trying to work your space around them. The best place to include multi-purpose furniture is the bedroom.

The following are some suggestions:

  • Trundle beds, which you can fold into a sofa
  • Dining tables with a built-in leaf which will help entertain guests
  • Hollow ottomans, which can serve as storage

Make sure that the pieces of dual-purpose furniture you choose are size-appropriate for your apartment. Overstuffed furniture will often make your living space appear smaller than it actually is.

Crystal clear ideas

Among some notable small apartment furniture ideas is the inclusion of those made of clear materials. Glass or acrylic furniture is an enduring key component for various small spaces. They have a specific function and simultaneously blend in with the space. This creates an area with a certain level of functionality but lacking visual clutter.

Floating furniture

Large pieces of furniture will often give a small apartment a closed-off appearance. By utilizing floating elements in your apartment layout, you can successfully open things up. Specifically, by allowing eyes to travel throughout the space and explore it. At the same time, it still provides functionality.

Instead of a bookcase, consider incorporating floating shelves. Similarly, in lieu of a conventional vanity, try using a floating sink. Furniture with legs will usually take up a lot less space than furniture that directly sits on the floor.

Closing thoughts on small apartment furniture ideas

Just because you live in a small apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice appealing design for functionality. Instead, try to reach a strong balance between the two key points. If you do that, you will have a comfortable – as well as stylish – living space.

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