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February 11, 2014

There is no such thing as a boring person: everyone has stories and insights worth sharing. While on the road, we let our phones or laptops take up our attention. By doing that, we might miss out on the chance to learn and absorb ideas and inspiration from an unexpected source: our fellow travelers.

I’m reminded of this because Virgin America has partnered with Here on Biz, a new mobile app for business travelers to ‘check in’ to a social network on flights. Instead of leaving it to chance, entrepreneurs can learn who else is on board to connect, chat, and perhaps even start a company at 35k ft.

I’ve had my share of purposeful business flights. When Virgin Radio tried to recruit popular British radio personality Chris Evans to join its roster in the 1990s, I jumped on his British Airways Concorde flight to New York in an attempt to win him over. We had just taken BA to court and won against its agressive ‘dirty tricks’ campaign and so taking its premier plane was a big leap for me.